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A Ring Clock – Unboxing

When you order your Ring Clock, they first send you a stack of plastic sizing rings. You tell them your size and they send you rings over and under it. The reason is that your ‘size’ and the ring clock size don’t often match. Many people get a size larger.

I went to a jewelry store and got my finger sized. I decided I wanted to wear it on my thumb or finger. My thumb and ring finger on my left hand are the same size. I do not have tiny, dainty hands. I have long fingers and big hands, normally wearing a men’s large glove. Women’s gloves don’t have the finger length for me. Most girl’s I know are six and seven in their rings. Me? A ten.

My sizing rings arrived ten days after I placed my order. I picked the 11 sizing ring and responded to Ring Clock’s info e-mail address with my size. I added my order number to make sure they didn’t have any problems. I got an e-mail a few hours later thanking me for my actual size and telling me that I’d have my ring clock in two weeks.

It actually took eight days to get it. I am very pleased with the service. The website said that it will be a 6-8 week process. I ordered on August 10th and have my Ring Clock on August 26th.


The box is surprising in its size. What is in it?


The ring is sitting on the charger. A bit of foam is inside of it to help it stay snug for travel. The size is because of the charger base. That is where all of the extra technology is located.


It is made out of surgical grade stainless steel. Its water proof up to 30 meters. They tell you to take it off for messy work like gardening and mechanical things. It is surprisingly light. It looks heavy but it is very, very light weight.



Everything in the box.


We have our ring, our charger, a cord, a plug, and the instruction manual. The ring clock uses a 24 hour clock for its time. The instructions are simple enough. The plus and minus button let you set it. Don’t charge it for more then 2 hours. Don’t leave it charging for days, it will destroy the battery. The charge is good for a week.


Figuring out how to charge it was easy enough. I was reminded of my alarm clocks as a child. When you set an alarm clock there are normally only two major buttons. The longer you held the button the faster the clock cycled time. When I pressed the ring clocks buttons, it started setting the time for the minutes (center ring). I was like, “This is going to be slow,” when I realized that it would need to cycle around an ‘hour’ worth of minutes to move to the next hour of the ring. However, holding down the button speeds up this process and shortly the minute light was flickering by at light speed and the ‘hour’ changed every 3 seconds or so.

The second thing the charger does is let you pick a setting that makes it easier to tell the time. You can press both buttons to change between the two settings.  The first one will cause the hour/minute to light up. The second setting causes the hour/minute+ to light up.

What this allows is when looking at the minutes if it is 37, the 35 + 2 tick marks light up. Instead of just the 2nd tick mark to mark 37. The seconds light up and cheerfully count away.


The ring itself:


It spins. For some reason I thought the three individual bands spun. They do not. The time band is one piece and it spins. There is a mild give to it. If I shake my hand I can feel it move around. It does not bother me. It might bother others.  It spins easily but not irritatingly. Normal hand motions do not active it.


It is thick. It makes wearing it weird. I’m not a ring wearer. I’ve chosen my thumb as the chosen finger but I’m not sure how it will go. The size does reduce the mobility of my thumb when it comes to bending it into my hand. That is not a big deal normally. Of course, right now because I am paying attention to it it has become a huge thing. I am going to give myself a few days to adjust before I move it. My fitbit was the same way. It had been so long since I had worn a ring that wearing it was weird and uncomfortable for the first three or so days. I even had to take breaks. Now I don’t notice it. As the day wears on my thumb is calming down about the item on it.

The fit is smooth and comfortable. The sizing rings were accurate.


We will see how the thumb fit goes.  I normally use my index finger it spin it. I assume, if it was on my ring finger, I’d use my thumb to spin it to see the time. I think the seconds are the least functional aspect of the entire piece if you wanted an exact time of hour:minute:second. If you just want to use the seconds to count, it works fine.

A Ring Clock – Acquisition

Three years ago on IMGUR, I came across a post about things you didn’t realize that you wanted. There was a nice list but one item caught my attention. I say caught but it does not truly encompass the way my gaze was riveted and my mind consumed.

It was a ring that was also a clock. It was something that I did not need. I had a smart phone to tell me the time. Later, I would get on the bandwagon and buy a fitbit which also told me the time. This ring, that would also tell me the time was not a necessity in my life.

But it was beautiful. It was fascinating. It told the time with blue lights. I wanted this thing that I had no need for.

Investigation led me to their finished Indigogo campaign. It had all the ear marks of reality, but it was not in production. I pushed it away from my thoughts. But, every few months it would surface again. I’d push it away and it’d surface. Then one day their Facebook page said that they were shipping them out to the backers for the campaign.

Excitement hit me. What was it really like? Was it true and not just another scam or failed project? I searched and searched and searched and searched and found nothing. Just a Facebook page with no updates. I found no reviews. I found a few people that said they had received theirs but nothing more.

The little bit of information I found over the following two years told me that it was around three hundred dollars. Supposedly, they were producing them but the only review I could find didn’t sound like they actually had the item. About every three months it would surface and every three months it would die back down.

Then, back in July, the desire to see if the ring clock was real surfaced again. This time, I found a review from A Blog to Watch. It seems that ring clock solicited them. At the same time, several articles started to pop up and I saw that their facebook page had some activity. I finally had some reviews. But more importantly, I didn’t have negative reviews that said the company was a scam.

Which led to my decision to pull the trigger on a luxury item that I have little need for but great desire to get. I add this because the first thing people ask is, “How much is it?”

Cost is a fascinating equation. There was a time when I’d make more or different arguments about it. A luxury good is a luxury good. Getting one will lead people to tell you how the money could be better spent. Often times that ends with the fact that your money should be sent away to another if you don’t need it. It is another area were justification meets endless battle. In the end it is a cost I chose to make and I am quite excited for the item.

The shipment information came from FedEx. I’ve been tracking the package relentlessly. The arrival said that it was supposed to come Friday, but when I woke up on Friday I saw that it had been moved to Monday. I was disappointed until I wondered if I could just go and pick it up. FedEx has the ability to go pick up at a facility and the one where my package was sitting was located seven miles from my house.

I wound up calling them for help. After fighting through a phone tree I got an incredibly pleasant woman that helped me check that the location I thought it was at was the correct one. There are two offices in that area, so I did not want to pick the wrong one. With that done, I decided to bite the bullet and leap into my car to go see if I could get my package now instead of waiting for FedEx to notify me.

One nice thing about living near a major airport is that many things are quite close. The FedEx office near Dulles is a massive complex. The service desk however is a tiny cubby that looks like its tucked in any strip mall. Service was not fast but the gentleman was capable. I got to listen to one mans horrified understanding that he was going to be paying a hundred dollars for his delivery.

My turn came and I was honest. “I had a package held but it doesn’t say it is ready for pickup.”

“I’ll go check,” he responded. Two trips later and my package was in my hand. “It’s international!” he told me. I just nodded but he seemed impressed by it. My package in hand, I wished everyone else waiting good luck and skipped out.




I’m going to give this a try. Someone evil introduced me to it and after pondering the value I decided to toss a bunch of money down on it.

BarkCrate – Is one of those mystery crate ideas. Lootcrate is one for games. Loot Crate once offered me one to review on my Eve blog. I had no idea what they were or that the idea was popular. I had no idea people offered bloggers stuff to review. Anyone offering me things made me suspicious so I declined. That was, probably, stupid. Free stuff and honesty are cool at the end of the day. However, that somewhat awkward encounter made me more open to the idea of the Bark Crate.

Basically, select the size you want and each month they send you a crate. If you choose a 12 month subscription it costs $19 a month with free shipping. In the crate is supposed to be a mixture of toys, treats, and gadgets to interest you each month.

Why did I decide to do this?

New puppy means toys. I’ve always been somewhat bad about toys. I get tired of how much they cost. Dogs destroy them. I used to buy out PetsMart’s discount but I got tired of my dogs ripping the stuffies in two and pulling the squeaker. As my girls aged they lost interest in toys for the most part and we kind of drifted away from more then an occasional thing to chomp on.

Well, now we are entering a new era of dog in this house. I’m looking at a high drive, toy focused puppy. It reminds me of my GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Nox. He loved toys and was my stuffy destroyer. He’d lay on his side and just casually munch on toys. After two hours of observation with this litter I knew I needed toys.

I need toys the dog can destroy. I need them to be replaced easily. I hate shopping. I feel nasty paying 15 dollars a toy at PetsMart. This thing is kind of the best of many worlds. I get monthly toys for 20 dollars. I’ll get a lot of different types of toys and I can see what the puppy likes best. Anything unused can go to the shelter. The first year is often a time of mass destruction. With having plenty of toys on hand we will be more prone to throw away abused ones before they become dangerous.

Next January I can reevaluate. If he is still toy focused we will continue with toys. If he isn’t, we will see what interests lay on the horizon. Once I get the loot crate I’ll review it.