So behind

I’m behind at everything in life right now. It is a very interesting thing to be for someone that is not a procrastinator.

In December we purchased the house. I have a blog for the house but have barely written anything. That is a mixture of free time and free time where I feel creative and not exhausted. Most of my creative energy has gone into the renovations that I so dearly want to write about.

I have not had a real yard in seven years. Now I have a neglected one that I am slowly bringing to life. But, we have had one of the wettest springs in years. Things are going well but it is an exhausting learning curve.

And exhaustion. I’ve picked up more overtime then I have since I was in my early twenties. A coworker went out for baby leave and that left an entire shift open. It also destroyed my spring’s free time. Now, I have one more extra day left next week and my schedule is back to normal.

Except that I am an idiot. There is no normal schedule. I got a puppy in March. I have another one (probably) coming in September. I may hate myself without meaning to.

Oh and I am launching a side gig to make more money.

Yet, I feel pretty good. Mildly annoyed at my poorly structured time but after six wild moths it is starting to pull itself together.

But the tomatoes look great.