Monthly Archives: December 2017

Good changes have nothing to do with the time of year

For the last two months or so, I’ve been pretty consumed by the house we just purchased. I’m still consumed by it, but in a different way.

Creativity, in my case, writing, seems to come from a very particular point. Its raw energy that I can lose connection to if I work to many hours or find myself obsessed with something. When we decided to get this house, I became obsessed with many things.

I updated my knowledge about finances and mortgages. Rental properties became a priority and I had to update and learn several new skills for building projects. On the side, I had to deal with trying to push my unresponsive mother along on getting her house occupied and rented out. That required getting it cleaned out and fixed. That entire thing is an emotional vampire of a drain on me as I fight down futile anger and frustration. I also work and the holiday season is a horrible time to have my job.

It has left me not very creative. I’ve been uninteresting because I have not had complete thoughts. I should write my partial thoughts.

The best part is that I was going to write a book in November but I, instead, had to develop a game plan for the house. I could have worse problems in life but I need to organize myself a bit better. This fall has been a bit of a mess with many productive projects but not all of them productive as I would like them to be.

So changes are that I’ll make sure to put time aside to write more. I’m going to be blogging about the new house. And I will finish my project for Eve and writing about the CSM. The holidays are thankfully past and I have a very clear plan for time management over the next three months.

I hate when new things happen with the new year. It looks so premeditated.