Project braces is live

Yesterday, I started project braces. It is step two. Step one was the consult. I’ve had the spacers put in, x-rays taken, and molds taken.

At first the spacers were not bad. They are rubber bands to make sure that the bands can get on. The first few hours were fine. They were a bit annoying by the evening. This morning, I woke up with sore teeth. I feel like something is wrong with them because not only are they tender but my gums are tender. The spacers feel like a huge wad of food is stuck in four spots. And now the discomfort is causing jaw pain and a headache as it radiates out.

Man, the brackets are going to suck. Chewing is hard because my teeth hurt more and more as the day has gone on. This afternoon wasn’t bad, but I tried to chew a soft pretzel this evening and I wondered if my teeth were falling out.

But! They are still in my head.

On the 29th, I get the top braces on. On the 5th, I get the bottom on. How exciting.

At the end of next month, the husband gets his spreader in. He gets to have his upper jaw spread by slow pressure. I suspect I’ll have to stop whining once that happens.