I wanted to write a novel in November. I wound up learning a lot about DIY plans for the house we put an offer on. If all goes well, we will be in a new house by spring. I say if all goes well. While it is okay to fall in love with a house you have to keep a step or two back until everything is done and move in day happens.

The house is a Fixer Upper. Not to the extent of the show but it has not been loved in a very long time. It has been maintained but not loved. There is so much of the house that is original and we would be the sixth owners.

I thought the first owners may have done the crazy basement, but now I suspect it was the third owners. They owned it from 97 to 2005 and they put a theater in. The theater seems like something that would be done then. It feels as if the basement was put together in pieces. There are two normal rooms and two weird as hell rooms, and then a sauna.

Anyway, there is a lot of original stuff in the house. In 2005 it got its fourth owners who only had it for a year before foreclosing. In 2006 it got its fifth owners. They are now short selling it as is. A lot of it is just very worn. The laminate floors need to be replaced (I learned that they do have a life span). The entire place is grungy and we stalked the seller to find that they’ve had some civil lawsuits for money owed dating back over the last three years.

There are a lot of builder basics. A lack of upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms leaves a lot of room for rationalization. That also costs money and I’ve been creating a budget and game plan to approach this house, fix what has to be fixed and do edits before we move in that will be much harder after.

That is what has led me to learning how to pour concrete counter tops and refreshing my knowledge of tiling. I’ve also researched paint like I have never researched paint before. I get to build half walls, extend an island, and have an electric ranged turned into a gas one. That’s just to name a few.