Cooking Documentation

I need to start documenting what I cook. Well, perhaps not need but I’d very much like to. I don’t make up recipes often but I have a few up my sleeve. Most of my efforts are things that I have already seen. Some I can duplicate and others, not so much.

Yesterday, I made french onion soup chicken. It was a recipe that crossed my feed on Facebook. Facebook is not a place that I enjoy. It is useful for chat and a lot of my coworkers share recipes of Facebook things that they follow. This gives me a bisection of random recipes that I might never find on my own.

Today, however, was one of my most creative moments yet. I mixed a recipe I make all of the time with a recipe I learned to make last year.

In cooking, it is amazing what can be easy and what complex for each cook. Meat in bread is not a dish I ate a child. Yet, I love these savory, portable snacks. I’ve been trying to make them to varying sucess, normally using a frozen pastry.

However, I developed a very tasty pastry from a recipe for pot pie. I wondered if I combined the two, seeing that they had similar cooking temperatures and lengths, how would it go?

The answer:

They came out beautifully. My husband found them to be dry. So I made gravy.

I like it a bit more of a sandwich.