Braces at 38

No nuts, popcorn… not even hard taco shells? This is going to be a rougher two years then anticipated.

Teeth. Exposed bits of skeleton that we tickle with synthetic fibers and collect when they fall out. Interesting things are teeth, they can make or break a smile. We can suffer our entire lives with confidence issues. Dental health is important but something we neglect due to cost or fear and often both.

My childhood dentist was a kind man. As I hit puberty, and my overbite from years of thumb sucking was still there, my mother took me off to get braces. Braces are very common around the age of 12. I didn’t think much of it. Not really… not even when everything broke down and I was left with half finished orthodontic work that wound up rotting out several of my lower molars. I remember the dentist that looked down at me and told me that I needed $10,000 in work done. This was when I was twenty-one and working full time as a waitress. I didn’t make $10,000 that year and it took me months to save up enough to get the rotting teeth removed to slow down the damage through my mouth.

That was a painful visit. Most of it because they didn’t believe in my nova-cane tolerance. It sent me off of dentists for years until I discovered my current dental office.  My dentist, a sweet woman that passed away last month, pried the brackets from my teeth at no cost and cleaned up the cement. It ended an era of people asking about my brace brackets. I didn’t even know how tired I was of that discussion.

I’d been thinking about implants for years. But they are costly things and I’ve waited and waited. Now, we’re in a place where I can start the journey and the journey to implants starts with braces.

Ah well. There are several things that I will get to correct. My incisors do not meet correctly. There is a small gap there as the remnants of my buckteeth from childhood. Those came from my thumb sucking.

Now I’ve met a very fun orthodontist and find myself excited for braces. I had planned on invisalign. I should have known that it wouldn’t be that easy. Traditional braces it is. Watch my husband get invsalign. He doesn’t even like nuts, popcorn, or hard tacos much less biting into apples. Sigh.

He also doesn’t like the cost. We will see how he feels after visiting. If not, I’ll forge my way alone.