Side Jobs

The ebay thing has become a second job. In many ways, a lot of my summer was used up setting things up, taking pictures, getting stock, shipping, and research. Like any project that I throw myself into, huge amounts of time are devoted to learning the basics. Now, three months in, I can back off a bit. Which is nice.

The good news is things are selling. We have stuff to ship nearly every day. The most interesting thing has been the hurricanes. While I am up the east coast and away from them, when Harvey hit Huston everything ground to a stop. I went from about ten orders a day to nothing. Now, as September wanes, sales are starting to pick back up and I am less stressed over the entire thing.

It is one aspect of my personality that is useful, if annoying. When I resurface, I find that I lost time doing other things. At the same time, I learned a new skill that can be put on autopilot in the background.

I’ve been pondering a part time job for a while now. I haven’t wanted one. If I did, I could work overtime. But, I’ve been thinking that I needed to make some more money and use my free time to do so. In many ways, the ebay thing satisfies all of that need.