A Busy Summer

It has been a busy summer. My new dive into Ebay consumes an enormous amount of my free time. I’m now up and running with a large number of listings. This will allow me to reduce my time spent working on my ebay store and listings to once or twice a week instead of every waking moment. I’ve neglected things like the garden. Only as I write this do I sigh and realize that I did not fertilize this weekend. The weather has not helped. The heat and humidity plus constant rains has helped me to let duties outside sift to the side.

Not that the plants are not thriving. The ground cherries have given up for the year. They each produced around six pounds of fruit. The fall lettuce is planted. And the large tomatoes are rolling in at an ungodly rate.

I also sauced the peppers and produced two containers of red pepper sauce. It is not super hot this year per my husband. That does not surprise me. The heavy rains mean sweeter peppers. Hot, dry summers create hotter peppers. 


I gave up pruning to make sure I was not killing ladybugs. Don’t let that back row fool you however.

Gravity finally did its thing.

I do love the hanging tomatoes.

After this picture I took the ladder out and plucked all the ones turning. I’m sure more have started and need to be picked. The birds have a field day out there.

We are looking to move next year. I’m not going to go this garden heavy due to that. I may even buy my plants instead of starting seed. We will see. I am going to try to keep it to 3-5 plants. If we move early enough in the year they to can move. If it is later in the year, frankly, I don’t know.

We will be renting out the house so I won’t be in desperate straits to move them out immediately.

The year has gone well. It is such a joy to step outside and go pick the ingredients for dinner or breakfast.