No keeping

As I sort through my ponies I have finally unearthed the ones that I first collected.  The first few that I picked up where part of a random trip down the toy aisle and as gasp as I saw a Pony. That led to four year path of collecting that he shamelessly encouraged me in.

The other night I pulled the last box out of the basement. I was annoyed because I knew that I was missing ponies. I was out of boxes and I had searched all of the boxes in the basement. Then, I remembered the blue bins in the garage. All of my bins are blue. My husband normally gets orange ones or random colors like neon pink. There are blue bins in a corner beside the Celebration Castle (the largest pony structure).

I went downstairs and peeked. Sure enough, it was my missing ponies. We didn’t even recognize the containers. But for some reason I got good containers. They had snaps and I opened them to find my ponies dry and happy as can be.

I dragged them upstairs and I will finish going through them. The end total is that my ‘few bins’ turned into ten. My hundred or so ponies is probably 300 ponies and pieces. I am going to spend a lot of time on Ebay over the next year or so.