Unclaimed Money

Around January, my husband and I got into a discussion about unclaimed money and was real it was. I did some research and discovered that the entire idea of unclaimed money was true. Not only that, the website http://missingmoney.com/ looks like a scam and isn’t.

We started with our own state. I found one hit for myself.  I checked where I used to live. I then checked my father. He died several years ago and I was his executor. I found several hits on him. I then checked my mother and grandmother.

It had to be a scam. Had to. I checked the state websites and only NY had their own website. The other’s had forms and told you to use Missing Money’s website. I was shocked because the website oozes scam to me.

But it wasn’t. Today, I got the estate payouts for my father.

I feel like an infomercial. Check it. Check your state as well and compare the two.

The idea of Missing Money is that companies cannot just keep money that does not belong to them. By having to send it to the state people do not develop create ways to keep these funds. They give it to the care of the state that the person lived in. The state keeps it in an account and the owner can come along and claim it.

For my father, one account was for a stock. The other was from his previous mortgage company. It was an over-payment of some sort. For myself, I found an interest refund from my previous vehicle that I had sold. I moved after they sent it and I had used a PO Box in between so they just sent it to the state when they couldn’t easily find me.

Sometimes things really do just work.