Monthly Archives: December 2016

Time and New Toys

The days do leak away, do not they? I am on the fifth of a seven day stretch. Sixty hours out of the 84 I will do. It will be my last stretch like this for a while. We have not had our missing co-worker replaced, but my other co-worker will not be taking leave for some months yet.

It is interesting to see how my fatigue has affected my writing. Yesterday, my creativity was blurred to char from exhaustion. Today, it is improved. Not great. The bubbling font of creative energy struggles when I work this many days. I’ve never noticed it before, but now that I’ve created the perfect writing environment that syncs between my mobile platform and my home system, it is noticed. I stare at my screen and find nothing to say.

It is a beautiful screen to stare at. My Surface Pro 4 is the first Microsoft branded device I have purchased. I’m very pleased with it. I had been convinced that I wanted an android environment, but I find the mobile windows platform utterly satisfying for my needs.

My laptop need not be my desktop as well. The Surface is not a perfect laptop because it has the form of a tablet. That leaves it lacking room for quad core processors and other such necessities. But, for someone that wanted a tablet to write upon, read upon, and draw upon, it does everything for me. To such an extent that my husband is eyeing the Surface 5 as that it will soon be released.

I’ve also been on the search for a perfect psudo-professional bag to use for work and carrying my basics in. I’ve abandoned the one bag approach. I now carry a simple tote bag for a lunch bag. It holds the bulky things. Then I have not a purse but a bag that acts as my work station, holding my electronics, cables, and batteries. I’d love one such thing but it grows too heavy and too cumbersome.

Ahh well. Soon, this work will pass. I can get back into my project which has been put down since May due to the demands on my time. I do hate having such a busy life. The money is excellent due to the overtime but the fatigue has become a bit much.