Monthly Archives: October 2016

Garden Takedown

Since May, my year has not been quite as I planned. I have experienced three two week periods between May and October where I worked for two weeks straight. Being an organized person with an addiction to planning, these stretches of work render me behind in my day to day life. Twelve hour shifts just don’t leave a lot of time to do everything else in a day.

With this weekend being my first and only time off this month, I needed to get the garden down. I stopped watering it a week ago.


I feel a bit bad. They are determend but it has been to cold for them to do more then make flowers.


Many bags later we were done.


What is left likes the cool weather. Carrots, basil, sage, oregano, beets, and lettuce.

11 months and 81 pounds

Yesterday, with the truck fixed, I was able to take Intuition to the vet for a weigh in. He turned eleven months four days ago and getting a snapshot of his weight, now was highly useful to see that is is where he needs to be when it comes to his weight.

As for our Sequoia, it was a twenty dollar fix at a small, person owned garage that we found earlier this year. This is a welcome change from the Toyota dealership that requires a hundred dollar diagnostic fee to look at the problem. The problem was the aluminum heat reflector had corroded at the connection points and needed a larger washer. It made a hideous squeak as the loose reflector rubbed against the exhaust.

My car is a two seater and Inty still gets car sick. He needs to lay down to not vomit everywhere. But the vehicle woes are all corrected and Intuition was weighed in and sparklingly healthy. He still starts drooling the moment we get into the car, but he recovered faster. He even got into the car for me without prompting. Ahh, the wonders of maturation.

Not that he is grown. There are beautiful moments when I see what is in store for me over the next decade. They are almost instantly eradicated by goofy, hyper activity and general mischievous wickedness.

Good pictures are a challenge. He is ether pointing away from me or he notices that I want to pay him attention and he is in my face.

Why should I look at the camera?

The biggest problem is that he is too fun. He loves to eat vegetables and fruit. He is curious about everything you do. He will spend the entire time I am cooking in the kitchen with his nose over the edge of the counter watching and hoping for a tidbit. While he is in the way, he is mostly good and I wind up giving him said tidbits because he is good. That encourages him to hang out with me and we create a little positive reinforcement cycle.

One day… one day… he will be able to interact with people and other dogs in a sane and productive way that will allow me to continue his training. At the vet he climbed the tech that wanted to cuddle him and covered her in slobber as he showed exactly how tall he is.