Site Moved

Now the site is all moved. I’m not completely up yet because I haven’t started scanning in drawings and I have not gotten the graphics tool I wanted. I expect comic production will be a month behind where I wanted it to be. That to is expected. It has been a very busy few months for me.

Now, this domain is hosted on our server. The DNS is rerouted. Tomorrow, my hosting with BlueHost expires. I enjoyed BlueHost and would recommend them for general ease and stability. However, the cost increase after the introductory price was why I left.

So! To the left should be my Eve Blogging. In the center my daily stuff which covers everything from gaming, to gardening, to pets with some personal reflection stuff. To the right, my attempt at a web comic. Above and below will be life with a new puppy and all that goes into a dogs first year.

Busy times.