I’m going to give this a try. Someone evil introduced me to it and after pondering the value I decided to toss a bunch of money down on it.

BarkCrate – Is one of those mystery crate ideas. Lootcrate is one for games. Loot Crate once offered me one to review on my Eve blog. I had no idea what they were or that the idea was popular. I had no idea people offered bloggers stuff to review. Anyone offering me things made me suspicious so I declined. That was, probably, stupid. Free stuff and honesty are cool at the end of the day. However, that somewhat awkward encounter made me more open to the idea of the Bark Crate.

Basically, select the size you want and each month they send you a crate. If you choose a 12 month subscription it costs $19 a month with free shipping. In the crate is supposed to be a mixture of toys, treats, and gadgets to interest you each month.

Why did I decide to do this?

New puppy means toys. I’ve always been somewhat bad about toys. I get tired of how much they cost. Dogs destroy them. I used to buy out PetsMart’s discount but I got tired of my dogs ripping the stuffies in two and pulling the squeaker. As my girls aged they lost interest in toys for the most part and we kind of drifted away from more then an occasional thing to chomp on.

Well, now we are entering a new era of dog in this house. I’m looking at a high drive, toy focused puppy. It reminds me of my GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Nox. He loved toys and was my stuffy destroyer. He’d lay on his side and just casually munch on toys. After two hours of observation with this litter I knew I needed toys.

I need toys the dog can destroy. I need them to be replaced easily. I hate shopping. I feel nasty paying 15 dollars a toy at PetsMart. This thing is kind of the best of many worlds. I get monthly toys for 20 dollars. I’ll get a lot of different types of toys and I can see what the puppy likes best. Anything unused can go to the shelter. The first year is often a time of mass destruction. With having plenty of toys on hand we will be more prone to throw away abused ones before they become dangerous.

Next January I can reevaluate. If he is still toy focused we will continue with toys. If he isn’t, we will see what interests lay on the horizon. Once I get the loot crate I’ll review it.

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