Monthly Archives: December 2015

A Weekends Work

On Saturday, my husband sat down and put up the new web server for my blog. It was an all day event. Having decided to host several different media ventures, I needed a multi-site setup which WordPress supports. However, the tools needed for multi-site setups are not as easy to get. There was a lot of trial and error through the day as well as a frustrated husband.

While he did the heavy lifting I did some background work. I set up a tumblr account for my upcoming drawing adventure. I looked up themes. I made him tea and cookies.

When I first made Downtime Hours it was just to have a personal blog that I could do more with. Its taken two years to get to that more phase. My blogging at Low Sec Lifestyle has taken over most of my internet presence. While sucessful enough for what it is, it is a very limited platform. I like to rant. I like to write about gardening. I want to start discussing raw feeding again and document my travels. And I want to draw.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist both in drawing and writing. I was ‘talented’ as a child when it came to drawing. If left to my own devices, I was very good at replicating images. I was broken of that as I got older and told it was not true artwork. Over the years and a succession of art teachers beat down my artistic behaviors as lazy (I got into smudging my pencil for definition) or incorrect (how I created any scene). Sculpting gave me more freedom but it is bulky and messy and my pets have a tendency to destroy my projects. In college, I tried art again only to have my teacher tell me that I had talent so she was going to grade me harsher then the rest of the class.

Running away from situations like that instead of taking them as a challenge has always been my thing. I am not competitive. If you make a situation competitive for me, I probably want to leave. It zaps my motivation. Now, almost twenty years after my last art class, I understand that they were trying to challenge and push me. Their methods and my overly sensitive introverted non-competitive nature just did not clash. I didn’t embrace things and fight for what they expected so instead I failed.

Now, I’m in a place where I’d like to do something more with my art. I’d like to try my hand at drawing without the rules and fetters that drove me away from it during my student days. I’ve learned that I have my methods of doing things and if left alone those methods work. I’ve stopped trying to push myself into the right molds and the right way of doing things and now I’m finally seeing some progress. I guess that is maturity. I could have used it ten years ago.

It is not that I won’t run. It is that I can not stand up to things and say, “No” instead. No is a very, very hard word to master. It isn’t casual. To say no to a teacher means failing the class and finding your own path to success. To say no to the right way means that whatever you may accomplish will always be wrong.

But, when it comes to art I’ve always wondered why we are so stuck in the right way to do things. Is it just a hand me down from long ago when artists took apprentice ships and creating art was such a resource and time intensive task that we had to be very particular?

The rise of the web comic is an interesting point. The comics themselves are not about art and some are. There are comics that are as complex as a printed comic book and others that are doodles that suck you in with their thoughts.

Maybe I have just reached that point. The maturity thing again. Earlier in December I decided I wanted to crochet. It was something I tried as a child to limited success. I never got anywhere. My grandmother was a brilliant crochet master. I hated a lot of what she made but I was amazed that she could make it.

I got hook, yarn, thread, and turned on youtube. Two days later I produced my first scarf. A week later my second. I advanced from there and I’ve produced half a dozen things in a month. My stitches are even and tight and I seem not to have much in the way of mistakes. I have no idea where this skill came from.

I’m thinking of doing something with it. But, like many projects they will not start to take root until the late spring when my CSM obligations are finished and I can give the new ventures the time that they deserve.

Moving Time

A few things are happening over here at my non-eve blogging attempts. I’m moving and expanding and incorporating myself under a more single brand.

I purchased this site three years ago for a deal that ran at about $3.50 a month from Blue Host. It has been easy to use and while I have not used it as much as I wanted, I’ve figured out where I’m going with it.

In January (on the 6th to be exact) this hosting expires. I was going to reup it but it turns out that the nice long term plan I purchased is only for new accounts. To reup my hosting, my cost will bounce to somewhere between $7-$10 a month. While those numbers are fine for something like Eve or even my Google Music Account (which I turn off when I’m not riding my motorcycle) its not fine for a static and simple website.

Fortunately, I can host from home. We have a business line at the house and my husband is a DNS guy. He grumbled a bit but set up a web server for me. We have one more step to set up the wordpress installs correctly, but now that we are down to the wire we will get that taken care of this weekend and get this blog moved.

I may also be moving my eve-blog over after my CSM term is done and rebranding it some. I’m not completely sure yet. The third aspect is that I am going to have a web comic section. I’ve been drawing for a few weeks now and I decided to take my arc of learning to draw and learning to draw a web comic into a more public realm. I’m working on one new entry a week for right now as I learn a graphics program to. With the CSM term finished, I should have the time to do that type of thing.

Busy, busy busy, but in a good way. Its nice to have future goals. It stops you from being static.

Aspects of Adulthood

It is an unfortunate reality that no one drops from the sky and fixes things for you when they break once you reach adulthood. This particular reality was made quite clear when on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, our water heater breathed its last breath. It was a holiday weekend and suddenly Friday was more like Sunday and everything was unavailable.

It left a weekend of chill bathing with pots of boiling water to warm the frigid waters. It was a reminder that the air conditioning still has to be fixed before next summer. There is no one else to make sure things get fixed. More projects are a collaborative event between my husband and I and our work schedules. Things never seem to break at convent times.

It did manage to break before my husband went out of town. It seemed like a first. Normally, he leaves and all hell breaks lose. For once, things were going wrong before he left.

Or, so I thought. I left off writing this eight days ago. I had planned to pen humor about the day to day of being an adult. That goal changed. In that time, my husband has gone out of town and I have put Nyx, my eight year old female Doberman Pinscher, down due to liver failure.

Adulthood is funny that way. Often times, at work, I deal with people who just can’t handle something. I once had a lady who was at her wits end because she was being woken up five minutes before seven by a construction crew on the school down the street. It was destroying her brain to wake up that early she complained to me who had to be at work by six am. And no, she did not work a night shift. She did not work at all.

The last week has been an interesting time, when looked back upon. It has been a terrible week. I’ve had many thoughts and some decisions. Hard moments in life tend to do that.

Adult hood isn’t kind. It can be as wonderful as it is terrible.