Of Generational Gaps

There is great truth that there is fewer things more frustrating than teaching someone technology.

My mother is not technologically adept. She probably never would have been. Even as a child, I would put projects together as she puzzled over instructions that, “my brain just doesn’t get it.”

Three years or so she retired and she started to deteriorate. Not having to keep up with things anymore she lives a contented life floating by. It takes her months to complete simple tasks because she does not have to function under time anymore. It grows frustrating since she has been staying with me and her free flowing ways clashes with my tech integrated life.

Today, I have had to learn how apple products work. I don’t like apple products. I don’t like macs. I don’t like iphones. I have never owned an ipod or ianything. I don’t like how their products feel. They don’t work in ways that make a bit of sense to me. However, my mother keeps buying smartphones and after her last phone died she decided to get an iphone. She has no idea why. I asked. She just picked it.

Well, having gotten a fitbit and the reasons I got it hers are identical so we got one for her. She needed to set it up so I told her to download the fitbit app to her phone. That is when everything went to hell in a handbasket.

She couldn’t find apps on her phone. I had no idea how you download apps on iphone. My husband is to frustrated with her to explain it while he is downstairs working. So, I went to the internet and have found the iphone manual. From what I understand the iphone has an ‘app store’ icon. Well that isn’t on her phone. Looking and looking and looking showed me that it might be behind a restricted window.

Okay. We open the settings and find the restrictions and hit a passcode. Only, she has no idea what the passcode is. She has managed to lock herself out of 90% of the phone. For some reason she decided she wasn’t going to use apps like her kindle reader on her phone. She has never downloaded an app. I go back to searching and discover the only way to fix this if she can’t find her password is to reset the entire phone.

Now I have to make sure her stuff is backed up. She has the icloud but I have no idea if her stuff is backed up. She has no itunes store installed on her computer so I can’t check there. I don’t think apple lets you buy stuff on the computer and push it to the phone like android does.

I have no idea what to do and I am beyond frustrated.  It seems so incredibly simple and now its probably going to result in a phone reset because she locked herself out of her own phones abilities when she set it up.

It does explain why we could not install uber on her phone.

My husbands work laptop is a mac. We have made sure her contacts and pictures are synced and now we can wipe her phone and clear up this mess. Sigh. Sometimes I am puzzled by how different we are. She is to.

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  1. “My husband is to frustrated with her to explain it while he is downstairs working.” Sounds like it’s time to move your husband on to the sofa…

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