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I Once Wondered if I’d Have Tomatoes

My counter top is covered, again, in tomatoes. My plants are covered in tomatoes and still going. While a few have passed away, the vast majority are cheerfully producing more fruit then I know what to do with.



The heat master produces some very, very red tomatoes. Blood red and richly flavored.

I’m not surprised. Its been in the low nineties and high eighties all month and last month. The trend looks to continue that way, putting us ten degrees above average. Tomatoes like the mid eighties and with nights in the upper 60’s and low 70’s that is exactly what we are getting.


It’s a lot of work, dealing with the water needs. It rained buckets the other day and my mother didn’t want to water them the following day. Yes it rained a lot but these guys have filled their pots with roots. They can’t skip a day and a lot of water isn’t a lot of water for them. She is convinced that they have bloomed and are now going down hill. I’ve tried to convince her that they’d keep growing and producing if weather conditions allow and to stop starving them for water. I’m going to look into drip irrigation next year.

012Dozens and dozens of tomatoes still. My next project is to dig up one of the bins of sweet potatoes this afternoon and see how that looks. I figured out why my potatoes looked so wilted so soon and I have some plans to help that not happen again next year.

The Garden in September

So busy, busy, busy. I have tons of pictures and tomato reviews that I will work on. I also ordered seeds but that is all for another moment in time. For now, it is the first day of September so I decided to share how the Garden is looking at the moment.


The above is the carrots and green peppers. I made a mistake here and planted the carrots in the sugar snap pea bin after the peas had started to die. The mistake is that I planted them in nitrogen rich soil so they have not developed much in the way of carrot bodies.


The terra cotta colored pot used to have cucumbers. They’ve since expired but their terrice is holding up the Indigo Rose bush beside them. My flowers are to the left and in hte back are lemon boy tomatoes.



Tomatoes everywhere. The tall guy is the Big Boy which is heavy with fruit.



Here is the oregano and the purple carrots. They’ve done very well.


The basil has seeded itself everywhere. When I got up today I tied it back to stop it from overshadowing the red lettuce growing.



I’m super happy with this romaine lettuce.┬áSomething is eating the cabbage and broccoli before it has a change to grow.



Going away for a week was scary. However, things are doing very well. My mother spent serious time out pruning off dead leaves and branches from the tomatoes. This is something I have to pay more attention to next year instead of having huge pruning binges. The plants have responded well to the removal of dead and dying limbs and the counter is still covered in tomatoes as well as bags in the fridge and freezer.


This is the single lemon boy left. The other just died. I over planted in small pots so I was not surprised. Realizing the other was dead we snipped it out and this one has responded with vigor. I hate the tomato states and won’t be using them for tomatoes again. I do have an idea to use them for cucumbers. The plant may not be ‘pretty’ and neat but it is healthy and vigorous. You can see that it has a good number of fruit on it and I took this picture after plucking three ripe tomatoes from it.

So far, August has been hot and September is promising to follow. The cooler nights are slowing the ripening of the fruit. The plants care a lot about the daily average temperature vs the peaks. The cooler evenings are a relief but they are slowing things down.

I’m going to have to freeze the jalapeno’s until I decide which method for making hot sauce I shall follow. I don’t have the time to figure that out until the end of the month so its time to freeze them.