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Trying out LUSH

A few months ago I saw a post on imgur that piqued my interest. Someone’s father had used her bath bomb as toilet bowl cleaner. It was a pricey product averaging between 5-8 USD and he had dropped it in the toilet. While amusing the bright pink and purple froth caught my attention. It was rather pretty and pink and purple are not the colors that normally catch my attention.

What is a bath bomb? I like baths and it intrigued me.

A bath bomb is pretty much nice stuff to go into a bath. I’m an Epson salt kind of girl. I picked up the habit when I became a firefighter in my early twenties. I’ve never been into scent therapy and spa type things but for some reason that image stayed with me.

Then winter hit and my skin started to dry out. I moisturize but I have somewhat oily skin and normally need to remove not give it oil. But, with my new leg tattoo I’ve become more prone to making sure that my limbs are not turning into lizard hide. I started using Oil of Olay body wash a few years ago traded out with Dove’s hydrating body wash to help hydrate. Deep in the cold, dry depths of winter the idea of moisturizing baths kept coming back to me.

I decided to order some of these bath bombs after reading some reviews.

LUSH is a Canadian company. That means that once I ordered it took to damn long to ship. There is a shop in one of the local malls. Local by american terms. It is about a thirty minute drive away close to the boarder of DC. It is not an area I often visit but when my husband came home from his last trip I decided that I couldn’t wait for my order to arrive (it had already been over a week. Amazon has spoilt me) and I convinced him to go shopping with me.

I say convinced in the most tongue and cheek way. My husband is a shopper. I am not. Asking him to go out shopping never gets a no. He knows this only happens about twice a year so he makes the most of it. We went out and I wandered into the LUSH shop which is a tiny little chunk of hallway cut out and walled off in a narrow, overpoweringly scented store that was filled with women and teenage girls.

Ugh. I always feel out of place. They have designer clothing, their hair done, makeup, and cute bags. I’m fortunate I brushed my hair before going out and in general feel like a pig with lipstick. However, I’d be a well washed pig if things worked out.

The bath bombs were on other side of this thing which had two entrances and made no sense. I slunk back and forth weaving through the throng of sniffing and not buying women until I made a selection. I got rose, vanilla, lemongrass, and something that is two toned. Some are for my mother who loves taking baths and is currently staying with me. The lemongrass was for my husband who wanted something minty but settled for that. And the rest were for me. I had some coming in the mail but I really wanted a nice bath today.

The balls come in different sizes. Some are the size of a golf ball and others a tennis ball. I got home and decided to indulge. I washed my hair and showered. This is a soaking bath and unlike bubble baths where I normally shower after to get the soap off, I’d want to leave the stuff on. So, armed and ready I got tea, snacks, and filled the tub.

Feb 2015 Cellphone 1097

I have a nice deep soaking tub in my master bath. I figured it would dilute the bomb a bit but I was okay with that. Eagerly, I decided on the rose one and dropped it in.

Feb 2015 Cellphone 1100

It started to foam like crazy. Chunks of flower burst from it and my water turned pale pink. Everything smelt of roses. I really wasn’t expecting the chunk of stem, a few closed blossoms, and petal chunks everywhere. Okay thou, I was game.

And I soaked and read and ate olives and drank tea. It was a nice bath and it did smell and feel super good. Over heated and utterly relaxed I drained the tub and learned the next problem. I need a pitcher to rinse the tub down after one of these things. Flower petals were stuck to the walls of the tub and the drain was clogged by chunks of plant material. A different problem but not an insurmountable one.

Skin? Feeling good. Smell? Husband approved.

I do like this product and will start using it regularly. The vomiting of flowers and such was weird. I think I should be enchanted by it but I felt odd settling down into chunks of plant matter.

I’ll make my husband soak in lemongrass tomorrow.

It seems that my girlishness has leveled up.