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Miami – Water, Food, and Florida Parking

This is a very lazy vacation. On day two, when I finally was up and moving around I went to the beach.

I find that Miami and Vegas have the same feel to me. That sixties surge into the limelight of glamour and fame. I was sitting here, looking up my hotel and I realized that is what caught me. However, I like Vegas more than Miami. This hotel, before it was purchased and turned into a Courtyard Marriott was called the Cadillac Hotel. Small hotels line the other side of the street all with exotic names and 20-50 rooms. The beach is directly behind us. It is just a walk through the pool area and the accompanying bar which edges the boardwalk and drops you right out onto the beach. Everyone is kind enough to rent you chairs and umbrellas, even the hotel. Lovely folk.

Or not. I said to my husband that I was surprised how poor the service, in general has been. Nothing is exactly bad but there is a casualness that blankets this place. I am reminded that I hate the taxi culture here. Every credit card machine is broken. No one ever has small change unless you force the issue. The hotel also has valet parking and that means people want you to give them money constantly.

I went out to the beach and let me say that it was beautiful. The water was warm and dressed in my little non-sexy swim outfit I just waded in. Swim trunks, swim shirt, bathing suit under them and my vibrams made people look as I waded in appearing to be fully dressed.

The continental shelf is long and straight. In the Caribbean there is a sharp cut off where the water gets deep. Here I walked further than it took me to get to the beach to get into water deep enough to swim in. There is a lot of seaweed around but I played for a bit. The water here tastes different than the Caribbean. It is not as salty.

But, alone in the water is not as fun as having company so I got out and meandered back to the hotel coated in sand and dripping water. It seemed a bit barbaric here. Everyone is wearing bikinis and sunbathing and here I am trudging sand through the marble foyer in a shirt and shorts. They are swim wear but I don’t seem to be baring my bellow and fatness to the sun.

My husband was working so I went and showered. Of course, house keeping took that time to show up. By the time I had hopped out and pulled on some clothing she was gone, leaving a made bed and towels. House keeping would become a bane of the trip. We kept track and our room was not vacuumed nor the bathroom moped the week unless we called and asked. The end score for the hotel was very, very poor.

But for food. I’m not a foodie but I am very experimental as long as it does not involve maynoaise.

We wound up going to Burger and Beer Joint where I had a Wagyu burger that was delicious. We also tried fried Oroes and I was not particularly impressed by them. My husband told me they tasted like fish. I stared at him and asked him how the hell was he tasting fish?

It turns out that he associates the batter with fish and chips. So, without it actually tasting like fish he decided it tasted like fish because the batter reminded him of fish and chip batter. I fear for his palette. I’ve spent years introducing him to things and then he comes out with random taste associations like that. The food was good but again, I was struck by how bad our service was. I didn’t get what I ordered ¬†and only after I pointed that out was I told the item I ordered was not available. I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with not being told. Yet, that was something of a reoccurring theme the entire time.

Have I mentioned that parking sucks? It took twenty minutes to log in and register with the parking application so that we could pay for street parking and not worry about the car being towed.

Parking in general was a constant nightmare. My husband had a rental car. We’d seek out street parking to avoid the parking garages. At night, they’d flip a sign and it’d be between 10-30 dollars to park for the evening depending on the garage.

Why not taxi cabs? Because they are terrible. Everyones credit card machine is ‘broken’. Half of them don’t turn on the meter. Most never have change until you get in an argument or tell them that you will step inside and have the bill broken for them. Suddenly, change appears.

I had a few more adventures, as well as discovering Fruit Punch bubblegum.