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Miami – Oh Florida, you are not Virignia

I won’t lie, my trip to Seattle wound up not documented. I lost my photographs and mixed with my stress of doing things for my CSM run in Eve I just dropped the ball. Plus, I still have that last day of St Thomas to write about…

But that is a blog and I’ve not had many downtime hours in the last few months to write about. My reading of Wheel of Time has finally hit book seven. Book six took forever for me to get through and burned me out a bit even with book seven being more interesting. None of that matters because I switched over to Jim Butchers Codex Alera series. I’ve read the first four of six books in the series. I’m going to actually finish it this time around which means starting from the start.

None of that has to do with Miami. Miami happened because my husband asked if I could come join him for the last third of his trip and it turned out that indeed, I could. Labor day was last weekend and most people took off for that. With my days assured my husband purchased tickets for me and suddenly I was off for six days in Miami.

My mother was kind enough to drop me off at the airport. It gave me another hour to sleep which I appreciated. I was so wound up the previous night that it took me forever to pack in a somewhat reasonable way. Once at the airport checkin is familiar. One of the nicest things about my husband buying me tickets is that I am given his Premier status. This gives me the faster lines in the airport. While Dullas was very quiet in the morning one can never be sure as to what state the airport will be in.

However, things went quickly. I found myself heading for my terminal happily reading when I realized that I was lost. Or, if not lost, I had taken a wrong turn and needed to backtrack. Dullas has done a lot of work in recent years to develop a better transportation system. I had managed to wander to the wrong side of a hallway split. The backtrack took a few minutes and I was thankful for being early. Once on the little train and back off I proceeded to derp around the airport. I first went to Dunkin Donuts but I realized that was not what I wanted and backtracked to subway. The Sunday, thankfully, was serving normal food and I wound up with a soda and a six inch meatball flatbread sub for breakfast.

I am a shameless ease dropper. The man in front of me greeted a woman as if he knew her and they started to discuss Virginia Tech. The topic was about the clothing of the students. Shameful. The woman said that she was a teacher of some sort and some of her students had never seen their fathers in suits. It gave them no level of excellence to strive for. And that is when I learned that how someone dresses is what matters. If I don’t dress in proper successful clothing, how will I be successful? Here I am in a tshirt and my beloved blue digital camo BDUs going to meet my husband wearing a neon yellow shirt and urban camo shorts. Ugh! How will we eve strive for success in such casual clothing! I don’t even have makeup on. Back to my wallow.

Fed, I cheerfully boarded my flight with United and discovered that I had a business class seat. It was a tiny plane as well so I not only had a business class seat I had it all to myself. My side of the plane had one seat and the other side had two. Fantastic! I even checked my ticket twice to make sure the seat was right and then sent my husband an excited thank you for the upgrade.

Airlines these days don’t feed you except for super long flights where it is better to feed you than to let you drop into some crazed blood sugar situation. However, business class feeds you and feeds you fairly well. I read an interesting article about taste and altitude and how airline food will always taste bad simply because you are in the air. However, food is food and when they asked if I’d like my breakfast box I said, “Yes.” Of course I want it. Even if it is terrible I want it like guilty pleasure.

The box contained a tiny fig bar, a tiny kind bar, a thing of small toast in a package, some creamy cheesy spread and strawberry jam. It was kinda cool. The toast is weird. It smells like toasted bread but it is super dry. Just touching it causes crumbs to explode in all directions like motes of dust dancing under the little pressurized air blowing from above. I tried it with cheese. I tried it with strawberry jam. I wound up looking like I had just crushed it to my chest. Thankfully the kind bar and the fig bar were both fine. With my earlier meatball sub settled in my belly I sipped tea and read my book.

We arrived about twenty minutes early. I messaged my husband cheerfully only to find out he was not expecting me to not only be early but all ready to go almost half an hour before planned. He came and rescued me from the airport and we went to Tony Romas for lunch.

Tony Romas is one of my favorite places to eat. There used to be one locally but sadly they closed down. They have beef ribs on their menu which is hard for me to find. I believe it is one of the more delectable cuts of meat. Our server was absolutely terrible and he seemed attentive except that he ignored everyone. However, I didn’t let things like wrong sodas, empty drinks, wrong sauces, and bad service stop me. I’ll admit it wasn’t the best trip to Tony Romas I’ve ever had but I was enjoying myself being out and about with my husband and good food.

Miami has that art deco feel down in South Beach. It is very classic Floridian and the concrete and pastel colors. Wavy lines, circles, bubbles, water themed things. Sky scrapers and sixties neon with narrow roads full of bikers, walkers, and people without a scrap of gear on their motorcycles and mopeds. The after effects of labor day were also obvious. There was trash everywhere. The parks, the beach, the parking areas. People had just taken their trash and dumped it from their cars. It was extremely, was extremely sad. It was not being left there but the fact that people just dump their garbage and drive away is disappointing.

I learned that parking is hard. Every time I come to a city such as this I feel it is nice to visit but not someplace I’d want to stay. I could have moved to Seattle or Tokyo but South Beach Miami? No thanks. Finding parking to go to the store is a pain. They do have rental bicycles at least. ¬†Our hotel only has valet parking. I hate valet parking. I’ve never come to enjoy when someone wants to open my doors for me to park my car for me. It doesn’t make me feel special or improve my time management. It is annoying.

Or hotel is by the beach. I can see the sand from my room as the hotel backs right up to it. I’ll be swimming a time or two. It has been a long time since I’ve gone to the beach in the US.

Every time my husband tells me about coming here he talks about eating at Big Pink which is down the street from the hotel they normally stay at. We had to drive to it. It is a highly casual diner type of restaurant with a huge menu and larger servings. It sounded fun but my husband looks at me and says, “I’m going to order a chicken on a waffle.” I knew things were going downhill.

First they bring out a bowl of syrup.

There may have been a moment where lapping syrup from a bowl was a thought. But then they bring out the rest of his food.

What do they do to get the chicken breasts so big? There are two enormous, mutant sized chicken breasts deep fried and placed on top of a Belgium waffle. My salad was also enormous but I just stared at my husbands meal in some type of mute horror.

While the environment was incredibly casual and the patrons exceedingly loud it was a very good meal. It had the potential of being a very good three meals. Close to midnight we drove back home through the sea of badly driven sports cars and motorcycles doing wheelies.

Friday is my husbands 40th birthday. We’re going to do dinner and the movies at the very least. Tomorrow? We will see what it brings.