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Wheel of Time: Crown of Swords

So, I made it to book seven. Book six was a struggle. I am no longer surprised that I stopped reading it. It was, well, awful. A lot happened but the plot dragged the events where uninteresting until the end and I was tired of everyone.

Book seven has been better and I’m chirping along through it. I am tired of some of the side characters such as the Forsaken/Chosen.

Older, I can appreciate his writing a bit more. People used to say to me, “He has so many strong female characters how can you think he hates women?”

Well, yeah, he does have strong female characters. Lots of Queens, the Aes Sedi are all women but well, they are often to busy bickering and having power games to be useful. Robert Jordan wrote amazing imagery but he writes very boring characters. They tend to have personality changes for very little reason and there are lots and lots and lots of repeated behaviors. The woman won’t stop sniffing in disapproval. The men won’t stop acting as if all women must be protected even if that means the world should end. Everyone just doesn’t get the other gender. It’s endless and repetitive and getting boring because they don’t do new things.

Except the Aiel who are very interesting and hard to understand because we don’t really get a clear explanation of their culture.

The story is nice and complicated. I forced myself to stop reading spoilers. It is a bad habit that I have. Still, I’m only on book 7 of 12. I took a big time hit during the start of the month with the CSM elections on Eve. I’m back to reading bits here and there. I’ll report back in soon!