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Star Wars : The Old Republic

I decided to give this a try a month ago but I hadn’t yet tried it. I decided, during a lazy phase after some busy time in Eve to give it a go. I loaded it up, switched it to windowed mode (so that I could continue to chat in Eve) and gave it a go.

I decided to pick a PvP server because why not? I might be annoying but I doubt it’d be Eve level of loss. Next I was debating if I wanted to be good or bad. However, I went to click on the good icon (not red) and next thing I know I’m off to be a good guy. I had expected some text to tell me about them. I wanted to be evil. I always want to be evil.

The intro movie was cute. However, once I got to the animation I was rolling my eyes at the pretty colors and rich music from the movies. I looked around and saw a back button. That seemed like something I’d want. I went back and switched to the bad guys.

Much better. The Sith intro movie was also much cooler.

I was torn. Bounty Hunter or Sith Warrior? I Went with the Jedi thing because it is Star Wars. However, the Bounty Hunter is calling to me. If I enjoy anything about this game I will try it out next.

As always, I start to write this as I’m flipping through the game. It helps me catch my immediate impressions.

Immediate impression about Free to Play Games: Boo. Most of the classes are locked unless you buy them. Without spending money I can be a human, a cyborg, or a red thing with head spikes. I went cyborg and made a chick. The character creator was not eve and it seems that being Sith gives you a horrible case of dark makeup.


Screen shots save nicely into a folder under my documents.  Having named myself Chellar because Chella was taken and I felt a creativity level of none off I went to start the game. The intro is the Starwars intro and it was loud. I’m so used to playing Eve without sound that sound in games always startles me.

I read all the yellow text and it told me that I am a bad ass. Nice to know. On with the show. The mission systems seems simple and easy. As are the controls. I did keep hitting patches of lag which caused me to get screen glitches and run around like an idiot appearing all over the map. I also found myself kneeling to loot things when trying to frantically click.


But it seems that killing slugs makes me amazing. I’m special. The voice acting is quite good but the story line makes me sigh. If I am receiving this story about being a special warrior so is everyone else. That means there are thousands of people just as cool as I am.

Also when you level, bots appear with banners and fly them over your head.



The chat panels are amusing. I find I play like myself with mild answers to things. In general it is a pretty game, easy enough, but the Free to Play aspect sucks a lot. Everywhere there are things to buy. I needed 10 credits to get a skill. I don’t think I have any credits yet? I don’t know. Do I have to buy them?

I’ll play a bit more I suspect but I think I’ll go back to Assassin’s Creed III so that I can be prepared for Assassin’s Creed IV.

Comanche Moon – Larry McMurtry

I’ve been a scribbling like crazy about Eve and have not kept up on my book and game reviews. I’ll catch up!


Comanche Moon is the Second book in Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove series. It is a continuation of Dead Man’s Walk but moves forward about 5-8 years at the start. The time is a bit fuzzy butt he general scope is there.

Unlike Deadman’s Walk, Comanche Moon is much smoother and more focused towards moving the story up to Lonesome Dove. It is as violent as Deadman’s Walk but the violence tends to be a bit more gratuitous. I did have to put the book down a few times and roll my eyes at a few of the tortures he came up with. While creative, medically they irritated the hell out of me. I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that in general, the book was good.

It is, I believe the weakest of the four books. However, it is very important. It spends a lot of time tying up the various story lines and moving them forward. It also has a lot of resolutions to the ghosts that haunt Lonesome Dove.

In general, McMurtry develops Lonesome Dove’s past. He also changes and edits that past. Not in any type of gross manner. It must be remembered that he wrote Lonesome Dove first.  Going back and cleaning up your story sometimes makes for changes. I can only advise readers to accept these little hiccups and enjoy the fully formed story he creates.

Comanche Moon needs to be read after Deadmans’s walk. It is not, technically a stand alone book. One can read it by itself but really, it is just the continuation of Deadman’s Walk and the back story of Gus and Call.  However,it does not cliff hang into Lonesome Dove.