Lonesome Dove – Larry McMurtry

I like westerns. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. Colonization stories fascinate me. It is one of my favorite sub-genre. I don’t actually want to go and cut a swath of civilization out of nothing but I absolutely enjoy reading about it.

Westerns are often raw and gritty. They are dark, violent  and full of both good and bad. The people are often scared by how harsh life is but they have a tenacious survival streak that won’t die. They are the people that will crawl for a week across a desert and just not give up because they are to ornery.

I like that. I like survivalists. I hope, if in the same situation, I would not lay there and weep because it was hard and scary.

I started reading westerns when I was around ten or eleven. It is funny. I never liked westerns on television. But the books, Louis L’amour was a favorite author. I now know that I had no clue about what was going on in those books. I was ten. But I enjoyed them anyway.

Lately, I’ve been going back and rereading books. I’m a bit older. A bit wiser in the world. I understand the finer nuances that I missed as a child.  Sometime last year I got the taste to reread Lonesome Dove. I discovered that there were two prequels and a sequel. The sequel is not the same as the television series sequel Return to Lonesome Dove. From what I understand by reading comments about it, Larry McMurtry was pissed at the televised sequel and the final book is a dark, disturbing event.

I don’t know. I’ve started with the first one, Dead Man’s Walk. Amazon has the entire bundle of four books for the Kindle. Let me say I was ecstatic. My origional copy of Lonesome Dove is tattered and battered but I still have it. I also have Dances with Wolves and its sequel that I discovered, the Holy Road to reread. If you have never read Dances with Wolves and rolled your eyes because you saw the movie, give the book a chance. Its a fantastic Western (if you like westerns).