Centsless Books – Free Kindle Books

The sweet word ‘free’.  Even if you are not into buying e-books or buying an e-ink reader or tablet from Amazing their Kindle platform supports all systems.  You do not have to buy a Kindle to read their e-books.  The two markets are separate and I found that to be a beautiful plan by Amazon.

What is more lovely is their free books.  Many, many books are avilable for free.  Classics can be found for free downloads and quite often special promotions are done.  When new books in a series come out publishing houses will run a short time free special on members of that series or other books of the author.

I’ve spent a lot of time skimming the books by price.  The nice thing is that I no longer need to do so.  My husband found a website that he introduced me to.

Welcome to Centsless Books.  It is a site that skims Amazon and pulls up all of the free titles. It updates hourly.  I have already picked up a  ridiculous number of books.  Some are old, some are new, some are by well known authors and some are self published.  All of them are free.  They do not revert in price one you buy them.

For the prolific reader, its well worth the time and a nice savings on the wallet.