Diablo 3 – Not As Good As Wanted

I was a fanatic Diablo and Diablo 2 player.  Diablo 2 came out and my best friend and I played the hell out of it.  We had been playing together since our teens but Diablo was our first non-text based game that we really enjoyed.  It was just the two of us and we developed a complementary playing style that we keep to this day.

She plays a in your face combat character and I tend to go for the fragile caster types. In Diablo I was a Rogue and in Diablo 2 I went sorceress and never went back.  When Hellgate:London came out it was everything we wanted Diablo 3 to be and when it closed we were sad.

Hellgate: London is what got me into MMOs.  We drifted to City of Heroes after it but we were some of the people that waited for Diablo 3 to come out.  I had found Eve by that time and it absorbed my soul as Eve is prone to do.  However, I took a break for Diablo 3 to go back to those good times playing with my best friend, chatting and watching the pretty game flash by.

I was beyond excited.  Diablo 3 had a lot of issues with its up time when we started but that type of thing just never bothered me much.  I was going to play!  We use google talk to voice chat, logged in and got to business.  She created a Barbarian and I a Sorceress.  We had the chance to be female which made us happy.  We’ve never been the type of girls to make male characters.

The game itself was almost like we remembered it.  The lack of choosing your exact skill path was disappointing   It was also a click fest.  My hands and wrist would hurt.  My index finger would be sore after a few hours playing.  And the click fest was boring.  Everything was automatic.

We also died a lot.  A lot a lot.  We slow rolled through the content, exploring each map and killing every NPC and opening every chest.  It would be ridiculous how often we died sometimes.  We played for a while and stopped due to ridiculousness personal drama in both of our lives.

Fast forward a year.  Personal drama has been resolved for us both and we’ve started playing again some.  Its better. I know there has been a lot of re-balancing going on.  We were level 41 when we stopped halfway through Nightmare and that is where we have begun again.  Only this time everything is flowing much better and much more like Diablo 2.

We never played to be perfect.  The auction house does not interest us.  Min and Max of gear and status is not a thing. Our playing style deeply compliments each other.  That fluid, team system we have had for years is still there and Diablo supports it well enough.

It is still not as engaging as it used to be.  The story line is weaker and more focused.  There are no little side quests from everyone and their brother as there used to be.  Sure, you find challenges and such things but the vast scope of the game is changed and it feels smaller.

I will admit that I was disapointed by Diablo 3.  I expected more and better from Blizzard. It has its place.  That place is just the land of clicking.