Just Cause 2 – Now with Multiplayer

I was introduced to Just Cause  2 when I went to visit my friend in Boston.  She was playing it and told me that she absoutly loved it as a mindless time waster that was rather fun.  She told me, “Sugar, this is ridiculous   I just grappled a plane and then hijacked a helicopter and now a parachute appears out of my back and I am grappling around the map.”

It sounded good to me.  I went home and picked up a copy at Gamestop.  I then spent weeks playing it.

The game itself it simple.  You are trying to take over the entire map and you do that by destroying everything.  It is an open world and there is a story line and missions.  However, you can just spend hundreds of hours exploring the map and destroying things.  It has challenges and races and all the normal things people expect to find.  The map is quite large and very pretty.  It goes from snow covered mountains to deep stretches of sea.  You can fly, run and swim everywhere.  Its very pretty as well, absoutly lovely to look at.

And it is mindlessly fun.  Its so playable.  They dropped reality in all the right spots to just let you spend hours playing with the game mechanics.

Well, someone developed a multiplayer for it.  It is a bit buggy but a lot of fun and very hysterical. I suggest porting your controller to the keyboard, the controls are not made for the console and giving it a try.  Its a pure PvP game.  There are no NPCs and only players on the map.  I haven’t investigated it to see what the goals are beyond senseless violence.    It needs no other goals.

It is a hysterical good time.  Check it out.