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Puzzles and Progress – The Secret World


I have had more then one male tell me before that all women are at least bisexual.  I’ve always been amused at this presumption of my sexuality.  Times like this, as I helplessly watch my video game character make choices I’d not make I’m reminded of it and amused again.  I don’t care about the same sex romances.  I just find them funny in a scene where I can’t make a choice to invite her in or push her way.

The good news is that I have learned why I kept dying when I first came to this area.  It was good of me to stop, drop, and think for a minute.  This little lusty chick has helped to solve a problem.  The bad news is that the main story line mission has to be moved forward by a side story line mission and that is not very clear.  I am enjoying the more puzzle the fighting aspects of the stories. I’m proud to say that I solved all of the puzzles without looking anything up.

This side mission wound up feeling like it fore shadows the future.  I’d like to announce that the clue I have obtained to have gear and such things has been very helpful.  I’m actually getting a bit tired of the zombie land story.  I know I don’t play a lot but I am ready to move on and see some new scenery.

Ahh… there are things to wear? – The Secret World

I have to admit something painful here.  I’ve been running around naked.

Well, perhaps not naked naked.  But I might as well have been naked.  I have not equipped anything but a talisman and my sword since I started playing.  Whoops.  I’ve been running around on pure base stats and thinking nothing of it.  I am very bad at video games.

You see, it comes from the fact that I remember Nosy commenting on the lack of clothing as gear. In my mind I decided that the game was skill based because I play Eve.  Since my skills were improving and things were dying I assumed I was improving too.

Well, I had built up a bunch of the skill and AP points and I noticed that when I finished a mission I could pick items but I needed a minor talisman skill.  I’d been 100% focused on elemental magic and sword.  With a bit of time to spare I looked down the list, saw the minor talisman ability and put a point into it.  I noticed there were two other types but in my mind I decided that they were skills like my magic.

Okay.  Dumbness indeed.  Once I did all that I was looking into my inventory and started to wonder if I could wear some of the stuff I picked up.  I used I for inventory and then the C key for my little character stat thing.  I’d been puzzled by that and had it pop up a few times but I ignored it.

Well, fully into my admission now, I spent some time looking around and if I was the type to blush I’d blush.  I had stuff in there.  I think I have some consumables as well.  So, I kind of picked and chose and put some actual equipment on.

Maybe things will be a bit better and I a bit less fragile.  I’d like you to know that one can still crawl through the game with zero gear.  :P  I was just playing the story and running around killing things.

Okay, admission time is over.

Redemption! – The Secret World

Eve has recently blown up with stuff to write about and I have not spent as much time as I’d wanted on the secret world.  The funny part is that I’ve spent my time with Eve reading and ripping apart and putting together topics.

However, when I did log into the Secret world it was for a fast session.  I had finished milling around the water area and I found myself reanimated next to the sewer that had sent me off on my path to run around.  That sewer.  I wondered… was I ready?  I had a sword.  I had a few more skills.  I was better at killing things so maybe it was time?

I dove into the sewer and managed to sneak around all of the NPCs to the boss.  Much to my delight I killed his little henchmen and him.




Then I trotted off to the next stage of the quest where I died, and died, and died, and died.  Sigh.  Thankfully I found a hippy camp and that is where I will start next.  They seem to be using technology to thwart the zombies.

Aside:  I find that every time I log in there is a bit of a patch checker that takes a few minutes.  When there is a patch it takes quite a while to download. I have a god like connection and the lag in speed is not coming from my side.  Then, the little launcher program crashed.  Every time after a patch it crashes.  I restart it and everything works.

Small bit of technical bitching but really.  WTF.  Anyway, I’ve been reading and writing about Eve so much I’m drowning in it and don’t feel like playing it.  Maybe I’ll write some book reviews.

Techno Fun

I’ve commented on my tablet as a source of e-reader.  I’ve been fortunate enough to move through many generations of technology as things come and go over the last few years.  The tablet itself has moved into the forefront of existence   Steve Jobs announced that laptops were dead and everyone would want a tablet.

I rolled my eyes.  Six or seven years ago I got a laptop from HP that acted like a tablet.  It was touch screen and the monitor could twist around and lay flat over the keyboard.  I loved this thing.  It allowed me a lot of utility.  Sadly, after three years of hard use it started to die and HP had not made anything else to replace it.  I moved onto a netbook and a kindle and waited for tablets to catch up.

I’m not an I-anything fan and never have been.  The first tablets sucked in my opinion and had poor utility.  I had used something that was exactly what I thought a tablet should be.  I wasn’t going to plunk down hundreds of dollars for something that was less.

It was not until two years ago that I entered the tablet market with an Acer Iconia.  This tablet had a memory slot and a USB slot.  I wanted the USB slot for communication to my computer.  Communication efforts were just to crappy before then.  I wanted my devices to sync.

This is why I’ve gone with google.  I liked the size of a 10 inch tablet because I read a lot of PDFs.  PDFs are often just image files instead of text documents.  This is hell to see on a smaller screen.  My primary reading device, my kindle, could see PDF but did a terrible job with the size.  The constant movement to read the document was a pain.  They were also way to small for my phone.

In the last six months I have gotten a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 4.  The Nexus 7 is a seven inch tablet.  The PDFs are not perfect but they are 90% fine and I can work with it.  The Nexus 4 is an upgrade from my Evo 4G and about as large as I will go with a phone.

The next step in my quest has been portability of writing.  I’ve always carried a laptop but its bulky. I don’t carry bags and purses around.  I don’t care for them.  i do have a laptop messenger bag but I’d like something smaller.

A blue tooth keyboard has come out for the Nexus 7 that is the size of the tablet.  It clips onto the tablet and acts as a stand.  It is very small and very compact but very usable.  Before, I had a smaller, blue tooth keyboard that I also toted around.  The goal is to turn my tablet into a mobile writing platform.

This entire process has been silly.  The keyboard is one of those items that work.  Until we get much better at some things removing a keyboard won’t happen. I understand that Jobs believed that books were dead and everyone was an idiot that could paw at their screens for communication.  However, writing and effective writing is still important.

My new setup is a bit heavy for those that are into ultra light things.  I can still slide it into a pocket to walk around.  I don’t wear tight clothing and cargo pockets are fantastic for this.  Really, I’m just trying to move my utility around in a compact manner.  Because it is google, I can resync everything up once I am done with it.

It is a happy little technology day.  I’m hoping to use this for note taking for my writing ideas when I am out and about.



The Secret World started with a patch.  I’d remembered Nosy said something about getting a pet. I went to the store and saw that I could claim a Blood Raven.  I was not sure if that was the pet but I claimed it anyway.  It occupied me a bit while the patch downloaded.  A lot of people complain that games are constantly tweaking themselves.  I don’t mind.  The complexity levels and the way that players make sure to find new ways to break the games are such that they need to work on improving themselves.  Otherwise, you have the stories I keep hearing from the players of Day-Z that people have hacked the servers and come to screw over others games for the lulz.

Or something.  I should read their user agreement.  A few years ago one game company took control of your immortal soul when you signed the agreement.  You never know what you are getting into.

When I last left the secret world I was trying to work my way through a multi layered side quest.  I’ve been on it for quite a while as that it involves killing the demon things that run around in the water.  I’ve spent a lot of time positioning myself and trying to lure the various  creatures away from the rest of the swarm sot hat I can kill them one by one.  Each one is a battle.  Each time I kill as many as the tier tells me to kill it tells me to kill X amount of another type.  I worked on this for a few hours (I’m very slow at killing things) and finally logged off after I died.

The kill x amount of items mission proved to be very boring.  I logged back in to finish it.  I was a bit nervous because when I last played I was dead in the water.  When I respawned this time I was in, a thankfully clear patch of water. I was able to lure the witches over and beat them down.  I then had to kill another set of things.  I died that time.  Yet another run back to my body I finished and then it told me to go kill the boss.

This part I was worried about.  I ran into the area where they said the boss was lurking and as I got there I saw someone die to him.  This did not make me feel very confident.  I found a little island in the water and stood on it. I don’t know why.  The water is only waist deep at the deepest that I have yet found and I don’t know if you can swim or not yet.  I had immediately ran into the water to find out when I started playing but so far no deep spots.

I decided that this was the perfect opertunity to summon the Raven that I got (I think its my pet) and see what happens.

Okay.  Well.  Uh.  It follows me and it doesn’t drown.

So, off I took a few deep breaths and decided that now was the time to fight the big boss thing.  The side missions and wandering have been good for me.  I’m mildly less squishy depending.  I have no fighting skills. I button mash like a pro but it is getting the job done.  The big boss thing wanders around and I followed it a bit and waited for it to wander into a bit of a clear spot and attacked!

Eeep!  Smashing buttons all over the place! I am on fire for some skill build up like was suggested by one of my fantastic commentors.  Now I just frantically hit everything I have there and hoped for the best.  This is why people have multi button mouses.  I don’t need that in Eve!


P.S.   I will be migrating this blog to my word press account as part of my project to move into my own domain.  This should be the last post here.  The posts are synced up with wordpress so if anyone has this bookmarked, move said bookmarks and subscriptions.


Some games stay fun even as they age.  I recently picked up CivCity:Rome on Steam.  I have the CD but it was nice to have a copy on steam where I can play on any of my machines whenever I wanted ot.

CivCity:Rome is a world builder game.  You build a city, you have some tasks to do, and its funny.  I first heard of it on X-Play when they gave it Four stars and poked fun at the “We need more slaves” dialog that happens when your city is large enough.

CivCity:Rome is not a spectacular stand out game in anyway.  Its very simple.  The graphics are cute more then stunning.  Watching mountain lions (who look like African lions) chase down your people and kill them as they haul their wood is amusing.  Putting up watch towers instead of fire towers and watching your city burn while you scream at the watchmen to put out the fires is… well that may just be my mistake.

It is not a deep game but its a lovely way to relax and play.  I find myself yelling at it a lot.  More so then most games.  “The baker is right there get yourself bread!”

I needed a break from the MMOs and the thinking and drama that comes along with them.  Building some cities, listening to them complain about the warehouses and stagger drunkenly though the streets as I race against my drunken citizens to get my wine sold for trade is amusing and a great way to mentally chill out a bit.

We’ve recently purchased a ton of games from steam.  I am going to go and work my way through the Prince of Persia series (sands of time, warrior within, two thrones).  That is an amazing story when strung together and one I look forward to writing about.

Imagery – The Secret World

I started with a bag of popcorn to keep me company.  I then had to add a demanding kitty that wanted to be in my lap.  It is hard to kill zombies when a kitty is nuzzling your eye but I made it happen.

I notice that a certain type of Zombie called a Servant of One Death tends to hang around inside of the compound a lot.  They seem tough and I’ve helped kill a lot of them. I don’t know what they do or why they are all over the compound.  Since they are sometimes chasing people I guess it is part of some mission string I have not yet reached.

I also just learned that I can make the chat window a bit smaller by dragging it down.  Yay.  Since no one is talking to me I’m not very interested in the channel and what people are saying.

I’ve picked up the hard type missions to see how they go.  I randomly found this mission chain and picked it up.  I haven’t started it other than looking at the first bit to see what I am supposed to do.

So far I’ve been successful with the other “hard” type missions I’ve tried.  I don’t think they are hard, hard maybe?  The side missions are easier in general then the main storyline mission.  I’m not in a sewer being eaten by something terrible while confused.

Plus, I now have a sword.  This makes me innately awesome.  I’m thankful for that because I am terrible at almost everything else.  Understanding the magic trees and the various spells and such things.  However, a lot of the technical stuff is secondary.  You can still just play the game and see what happens and that is the ride that I am on for the most part.

Wow.  This game has some pretty brutal imagery for those that are used to pretty, fluffy bunnies.  I don’t think that is a bad thing. I also had my first really good battle. I died the first time.  But the second time I positioned myself and used my distance skills to wear her down.  It was great.  She also got stuck on an object and that allowed me to work on her while she tried to get to me.  She got around it but I love that the landscape hinders the NPCs.  I got so worked up that I MISSED the goal and had to fight the stupid thing again because the goal object had a timer.  Who knew?

But I finished it.  I have another mission that I can’t find the next step to.  I seemed to have not looked at an object I should have and now I don’t know how I got the mission or how to get rid of it.  I’ll have to look it up.  For now, it’s not a big deal.  I’m sharing popcorn with the cat and listening to Deputy Andy tell me some even more soul killing terrible things about his father   But, I got a mission out of it and while my soul may be a bit less innocent then it was a few minutes ago I have stuff to run off and do.

My next quest starts out with “see what you can do” and it sounds like a sabotage gig. I’m excited.  I’m getting good at moving around the zombies outsides.  Sometimes I totally fail and get chased still but now thanks to my sword I can mow them all down most of the time.  However, I reach my goal and my next order is to kill the things in the way.  That’s not stealthy.  :(  And they respawned when I took too long!

I died a lot.  Over and over again trying to fight this thing that vomited green nastiness on me that wasn’t one of the things I had to kill but kept spawning beside one.  Ugh.  I finally killed them but it was terrible and I stopped counting after the 10th time I died.  I’ve also discovered that there is some type of award system for finding the glowing yellow honey combs in square   If anyone is into that kind of thing it’s kind of an exploration award mixed with a collection award.

I did a few more side quests and decided to wrap it up for the evening.  I dumped some skill points into my combat abilities and improved my damage some I think.  I’m still getting stomped rather easily.

I did take a picture of this stunning young lady.  When Nosy Gamer did a review he commented on the choice of clothing. Clothing does not seem to carry stats so how you dress is personal choice. It is not the normal the more powerful you are the less clothing and more breast your female character has to show.

For this shot the difference between our two female characters amused me.  I was like blue shirt! (blue is my favorite color) and cargo pants in urban camo! So great.  This is something I’d wear IRL.