Monthly Archives: May 2005

At long last

I decide to post again. Finding some friends I’ll link to them and chatter about my somewhat boring life which rotates around the police department and my dogs.

The machine at work crashed again. My co-workers love installing things like hot bar and spy fixer and all sorts of stuff that take over the machines so I find myself fighting with them daily.

Beyond that, things are good. I head off to work soon, then home and to the b/fs house to finish cleaning so we can sell it. We’re buying something that we both fit into and its rather exciting new phase of life type of stuff. I’m going to get a part time job and go to school full time, which cuts me down from a full time and part time job now. Also, I’ll be able to finish my writing since my job these last two years has really made it hard to write.

I was doing fine this winter but once the weather warmed up I can’t concentrate for longer then five minutes without someone getting into my face and being a jerk and cursing me out. I am a horrible person, because I do my job in its full legal capacity. I often wonder if people would *really* like the folk that work at the Police Department to be push overs.

Anyway, Daemion, my cream afghan won another point yesterday which singles him out and now he is ready to finish once he gets his two majors. There are majors these next two weekends and our handler is optimistic. I’m happy to get my dog back home, I’m glad his title is just about done but hes been gone two months and its sucked.

Also, unrelatedly, I actually talked to my father for the first time in about six months. I was updating him on my brothers kid if he cared. He didn’t. He also didn’t remember what my job was, or that my birthday is five days away. Ahh well, I didn’t expect anything. According to him he has changed and hes a better person who only cares about the inner workings of others. I’ll believe that when I see it.

Anyway, time to link my journal to some others and head off to work. I’ll probably add on if anyone particularly interesting comes in, like the cab driver who wanted us to make his client pay him . As if we jack people up and shake money out of them.