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Petty Games

The phones are back on, sadly. I walked in and there where people in the lobby looking for reports. The clerk on the shift before me was watching TV, but I was ten minutes early and she’s good about not leaving until the time tolls its new point.

This office has too much drama. None of us like the job. It is often hard, unforgiving, and emotionally draining. I consider midnights a reward for getting through the other two shifts. However, people are extreme busy bodies. There is a group that is here until they find something better, and a group that is here forever and mad that they are not sworn in personnel and therefore cannot have management responsibilities.

I say this, because I find out last week that the lady that trained me (nice lady if you are not on her bad side) wants to take the TV out because another clerk watches it too much for her liking. First, let me say that we don’t work together most of the time. Now and then shifts overlap, and we do have a perm day work person, but mostly we don’t overlap each other so what does it matter if someone watches television? Secondly, it helps. This is a sterile glass box. Its cream colored, dank, old, rejected from the seventies. It is quite if there are no citizens, rarely any officers, two tiny windows eight feet above the ground that cast no light, and the one interaction besides a fuzzy radio signal is the television and they want to take it away to irk someone else. What is the point?

To continue, this is the same person that feels it is best to take out your vendetta on one person against another. She has been screwing the people that relive her shifts, constantly. I am sure that if I came behind her, she would do the same. She’s not been doing her paperwork, stacking up citizen needs, and she will even tell people in the lobby to hold on for the next clerk. To me, that is disgusting. Even thou it irritates me that people never come in and don’t get in trouble, that the upper staff has told us they really don’t care, and that I hate my job, I still refuse to senselessly take it out on other people. That lowers you to the level you are so mad about.

It turned out that they could not get their report because they did not have any information on the fraud. You cannot make a police report without having anything beyond “this happened” to make it for something like fraud. They where very unhappy, however, they state that withdrawals where made from their accounts yet they do not have the dates or times that these events happened for us to place on the report. It is not that we are unwilling to make the report it is that they do not have the information that we need to make it.

I noticed last night (yesterday morning), waiting for my relief to come in that there was a stack of returned transmittal logs in the transmittal book, and whoever it was had not entered it. That is so irritating. It only takes a few minutes to page through the log, rip out the temp copies and enter in the copies returned from records. Every time I work day work and a stack arrives I want to chuck it in a back drawer, but I put it to the side and do them while on the phone or something.

Then a call to see if an accident report was in. I did not see it in the file cabinet so pulled it up in the computer and it was listed as a hit and run. There is a difference between the two, and hit and runs are treated as normal incidents, while accidents have a different sheet and protocol. So I directed the gentlemen to the records division, since they will have what he needs.

So, a man comes up to the window after scanning the billboards in the lobby and picking up some of the pamphlets. I get up, as I’m wont to do, instead of yelling from the desk to ask him what I can do for him. He looked at me, and then looked at one of the officers that happened to be upfront and said, “May I speak to that officer?” Bypassed, I stepped back and the officer was like, “hmm?”

The guy looked at me, and obviously he wanted me to go away. However, I didn’t leave because one, the desk is my job, and two, most of the time I have the answer that the person is asking the officer.

Sure enough he asks how he appeals a rejections in the application process. The officer looked at him and said, “I have no idea. You should talk to personnel, they handle hiring.” Which they do. Hiring is a very delicate process and the people involved are trained to do it. So I wandered off, calling out the number to personnel since it will be the county personnel, not the PD one that he will need to access first. The officer and I where both mildly irritated the guy had chosen to by pass me and do an “authority” leap type thing.

Plus his speech was horrible. He spoke in a low, slurred voice and he muttered. He was asked to speak louder several times. Now the lobby is empty, its 2300 hours and he is speaking in a low gravely voice. Irritating. Nothing is worse then having to ask someone to raise their voice several times. I’m a very soft-spoken person, but when speaking through two inches of plastic through little speaker holes, even I raise my voice.

Then a question about evictions. If someone presents you with a thirty-day notice, then yes, you have to obey it. Pay your rent or leave. If you can’t pay it, find another residence, but don’t attempt to stay and have it get ugly.

And the copy machine is broken again. It insists that there is paper left in some small, back recess that I can’t get to. I’ll fiddle with it later, but it’s probably out of commission until the morning or it changes its mind.

An officer from one of the city districts came in. He wanted to know if a report was still available from earlier in the month. Of course it was, we hold them for at least thirty days, and often sixty or more, dependent on space. So I handed him a copy of the report, and also then went to check their mailbox for him.

A call from another district to transfer them to robbery division. I feel they should have these numbers themselves, and not ask me for them, but they tend to

Then another call for the chief’s office. Another number officers at other districts should have, but that’s just me perhaps.

It seems that some assholes shot a dog today. Not an aggressive dog. A dog in someone’s backyard. For fun. Absolutely disgusting. Fortunately everyone is highly pissed about it, and they’ve set a task force on it. For some, they may say it is just a dog, but it is senseless violence, and it is well documented that animal cruelty is a first step. To shoot a dog sleeping in a yard for fun is a sick, twisted thing.

Then a call for disturbing the peace. It is late enough that noise ordinances are in. I find that many of these calls the people start babbling and going on about what is happening. I know it is concern, but they slow down the process. Now, if you wonder why I don’t put in the call, it is because I need them to dispatch to handle calls to other areas beyond the station.

Then a call to check on an impounded vehicle. He gave me the VIN, lost his track, regained it and rattled it off but we did not have the vehicle. He then asked what I was looking at and I told him that it was the counties impound system. He asked if I was looking at the state system, and I told him no, I do not have access to that level. He then asked if I knew where the state police towed cars, and I informed him, no, I did not do that as well.

Then another officer requesting that I print out a case number for him so he can come pick it up.

Right after that, another wanted an address.

And a call out from the clerk that should relive me. Her son called for her. Lovely. Now, if I am fortunate, the day work crew will take care of me and get someone on the desk to relive me until the day work clerk comes in. If not, I am rather screwed until the shift changes over. Suck, suck, suck, but I am used to it. She is a nice enough lady but she is well known for not showing up and for calling out. Since it seems the only people that get fired are the ones that do the right thing

It seems that around six in the morning there was an alarm call. And now the lady wanted to speak to the officer that came on the scene. Since a panic alarm went off with her diabetic monitoring. She says that the two officers did not show up or knock and that they where scared. She insists that they never came, and that the officers say that they came at 6:12. And she is highly concerned because what if she was really hurt. And also, if there are three alarms you are charged so she is upset that the alarm system went off and that she may be charged for it. She wants to know what the procedure is because this is how things have been before and now she is worried about this yearly fee that she pays. However, she does not pay this fee to the county, she pays it to the alarm company. And she is very scared that the officers did not show. And she has become very repetitive in what she says and will not listen to my attempts to interject.

Another calls to speak to a supervisor, but she hung up before I was able to hunt one down or take a message. She called back a bit later, irate that I had her on hold. I explained why she was on hold. She wanted a supervisor because she says a tow company took her vehicle saying the handicap sticker was not showing. She wanted a police escort to the two companies to have an officer as proof that her sticker was indeed displayed for when she went to court.

So, for the lady that insisted the officers did not come out, I spoke with them. They did go out and say they knocked on the door. And where very surprised to find out that she was inside, huddled in fear, and very irritated at being accrued of not going to their call.

So a man calls to say that he heard his brother was picked up by our station. I told him that we did not have anyone in that I was aware of. I told him to contact the county jail and ask if he was located there. We don’t handle prisoners and I do not have access to the counties corrections records to see if he was indited and/or booked today. The brother insisted that he was still here. If he was here he’d be with a special unit and will contact someone to pick him up when he’s done.

For some reason I keep forgetting my paperwork. Probably because I don’t want to do it. However, the copier up here is broken so I had to go use the one in the back. To make it even better, I can’t just run the paper through to do duel sided, since all the incident reports are two sided. I have to run each side over the scanner for it to take in both sides and spit me out two copies. The entire stack took forty-five minutes.

And I think that I have my schedule worked out. It doesn’t make a huge amount of sense but does it ever? Our third one for this year. I was eyeballing the entire years layout. From the looks of it, I will be working the majority of the weekends next year. It is really going to get in the way of my dog showing.

It is just after five am. I’m huddled over a space heater because it is cold. Even in the center of summer, it can be frigidly cold here that we have on jackets and use a space heater. Our thermostat does not work, so we just get whatever is piped into the building. It seems that the building is set permanently on cold. We’ve complained numerous times, but they don’t really care. The building maintenance people do not even respond.

One of the school resource officers called in family sick. Family sick is a convent way to call out, and not have to stay home. The SRO’s are assigned to various high schools, so we rarely see them around the station, even thou they have squads and supervisors.

So, my new sergeant just wandered in and we discussed what days I will have off when we work weekends. They are really good about accommodating, and I am fine about taking off whatever days are the best in reference to manpower. I don’t need weekends off as a rule, they just happen to be when its easiest for me to show the dogs. They are fine about the days I need off for next month for my shows since I planned them months ago, before this schedule change since by the old rotation I was up for weekends off through the end of the year.

Strongly enough it is as if I have been saved. Another clerk, not due in today, just came in saying it is her day to work. It isn’t, but I am not going to complain about it. I am going to happily leave this place and go home to bed and let others figure it out.

Another shift ending

A gentleman came in that needed his robbery report for his job in the morning. However, we cannot provide that instantly. I suggested that he speaks with the detective who is on his case so that the detective can advise his job about what happened and why he doesn’t have a report.

A little later and a man comes in with a VIN. Not for a vehicle release but for the location of the tow company. He had keys in the car, and it was his son’s vehicle. However, it had not been entered into the impound system of yet so I could not locate it. He did not have information as to us finding the car. It seemed that it was stolen, and then in an accident, so recovered by us. Considering that we are experiencing torrential down pouring and we have a ton of accidents this evening I am sure. However, I informed him that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of the car until his son gets a vehicle release. The agreement the tow companies have with us say that they will not release a vehicle until the owner has obtained a release form the county, to make sure that the correct people are getting their cars. I told him that he could just call the station and have us run the VIN to find the car in the morning, it should be entered by then. He asked for my name, and I told him that I would not be there in the morning.

The station phones are off. Probably a response to the weather and downed phone lines.

It’s been a quite night with no phones. I cannot complain.


So… this is just a posting of my days at work. I’m curious about how interesting it will be found. I’m also curious as to reactions. So my day will soon be over and I will put in the first entry.

I am actually going to start with something I wrote last week, on the last day of my shift, and then work my way up from there.

September 25th, 2004, Saturday

It is the last day of my day work shift for this week. It is Saturday morning, but you’d never know it from how busy the Dunkin Donughts was. I woke up late, as I am prone to do on day work. Fortunately mom was great, got the dogs out for me, so I was able to dash out of the house after giving everyone a quick hug. Those hugs help me get through the day when I think about it.

Today is my first day to attempt to keep a journal of my calls, incidents, and the things I deal with. I wonder how interesting this will become. Maybe I’ll put it online soon, and let people know what life is like here. I’m not perfect, but I’ll try to be honest when I have an attitude and when I don’t, we will see.

Its 0722 as I look at the computers clock. I have a guy standing up front waiting to serve a warrant to an officer that is not here. Only he is not going to come in today, he took off. He called a bit ago and I just found out, after spending 40 minutes looking for him. He wants to know why the guy is and will call back shortly, and I’ll tell him that its for a warrant service which he won’t come and get and I’ll wind up stuck with dealing with him. That is very annoying.

As I came in, things where fine, I admit I was running late. I got my hot tea, since I don’t drink coffee, and roared on up the road. I had to get gas as well, since I forgot last night and got in the car with the gaslight on. Nice, eh?

Anyway, I walk through the doors to the sound of screaming children. At 0630 in the morning, that is not what you want to hear. There was a woman, and her two small kids, probably 2 and 3, running around the lobby. What she needed, I did not know at that time. I asked the people getting off shift, and they said she was taken care of as they packed up for the day. I couldn’t get to my desk; one of the officers was checking the transmittals for a report he had turned in.

(Transmittals are the forms that record the case numbers of the reports sent to the records department. All reports are sent to records and only a copy of accident reports are kept here because we go through so many. We average 1400 calls a day, and probably ¾ have reports written. That is a lot of paper.)

There was also a guy standing up front, so I went storming around looking for the officer he needed. Then I came back up front, the officer called and told me he won’t be coming in. I finally get my desk back, can log in, to find that the person in front of me did not put in the lineups, but then that person never does if it can be avoided.

It turns out that the woman was abducted and forced into sexual acts and the commissioner only wanted to issue a second degree assault warrant, so the officers where trying to get that fixed up.

So I go the gentleman settled. I told him the officer was not in and that I’d try to find out if he is supposed to be in tomorrow or not. I hate this part of it. The games and having to deal with upset people. Even polite upset people are still upset and you get the backlash of emotions. My problem is I actually care, and it’s hard to deal with.

So I have my bagel and hot tea, which will hopefully raise my blood sugar and relax me. I’m not a morning person and walking into a bunch of issues and having people stare at you, expecting you to assist them becomes tiring when you have not yet been awake for an hour.

So, now that it is quite for a moment, as Saturday mornings tend to be, I’ll run a quick explanation of my job.

I’m a clerk for a police station in a very busy part of America. My office happens to be attached to the HQ for my PD, so we get a lot of people. We are also situated in the center of the community and have perhaps the worst district in the area when it comes to crime.

My office is a small room, maybe 15 x 10. ¾ of my front window. Beside it is a small 5 x 5 bathroom. As I type this, a drunken man stands at the front window and says, “I would say something to try to humor you, but I’m scared to.” My response is a puzzled, “May I help you with something sir?” He tells me, “No. I am drunk, and I crashed my trunk into someone. An old black lady.” I nod and he wanders off across the lobby. That would explain the stack of citations in his hand. A few minutes ago he asked me for a manila envelope and one of my midnight shift officers was in here. Now I know why.

I am fortunate to have cable television and a computer that connects to the Internet. I also have an open front door that never closes and five phone lines with just me to handle it all. I often have the TV on but rarely watch it. The citizens waiting spend more time watching then I do. As for the phone, I won’t comment on it. Five phone lines and one person do not mix well.

I visit a chatroom while I am here. It gives me something to do, to relax myself, to stretch out my mind. We’re discussing the need for p2p file sharing on the web and the unhappiness we have with people who won’t share their files.

Now a call that starts with “I need some advice”. It seems that her neighbor harasses everyone in the area. And she screams and curses at everyone all of the time. It seems that the lady may be a bit off in the head and threatens. The lady says she knows a county commissioner and no one will serve papers on the woman. And this citizen feels that she should not have to go beyond the closest commissioners office. It is not fair because she too is a taxpayer. So I had to tell her to calm down and let me speak a couple times as she tells me what this lady is doing to harass them. I told her to go to the regional office and find this commissioner’s supervisor if he is not doing his duty it will be investigated. She kept complaining that it was too inconvenient, she is to busy and this is ridiculous.

Where I work, the police department does little to do with the court. Warrants, summons, serving papers, all of that is done by the sheriff. Also the court system is not connected to our department. So we explain that to people daily, often to their disgust, as they feel the police should be able to help them. Well we can, within the extent of our abilities. I gave her a solution and after she told me for the third time that she just wanted peace and quiet I told her that if she wanted something done, she would have to act upon this issue or deal with the abuse. So she said she would go, but we will see. Sometimes you can’t sit there and not attack a situation, especially after ten years of pacifism.

Ah, a nice call to check if we have found a stolen vehicle. A very common call and need, but we had not yet recovered the vehicle.

Pet peeve #1: Don’t call and ask for information and not have a pen
Caller says that their husbands work vehicle was towed from their housing area. The tow company says that there are to be no work vehicles. The HOA contract does not state no work vehicles. I referenced the caller to the tow coordination unit and told them that it was not a police matter, but a civil issue between them, and the tow company for breach of contract.

Ahh, it happens everyday. Someone walks up and asks for an accident report. I look in the report cabinet, and tell them that it is not yet in. Their arms drop, their face goes flat, and you can see the dark aura over them as they ask “How much longer?” Each time I look at them and tell them that honestly, I cannot tell them, but that it should be soon and let me leave a message for the officer that the report is needed immediately. Sometimes its just glares, sometimes it raises to full fledged conformation. Today it was just a glare, a sigh, and tense anger.

The things that I get called for.

Now I have a complaint against an officer. An officer is being accused of harassing the residents of the complex dealing with someone in the building. The person on the phone has issues with another woman in the building. The woman is dating the cop, and the one on the phone now says the officer is harassing her children, cursing at them, and blocking the intersection and the building. She feels that the woman she has had issues with in the past has informed the officer about their problems, and that he is now going out of his way to harass she, and her children. Now tired of this now and wishes to complain. She has his first name and his car number. Now she goes into the ranting about how she pays her bills and such and doesn’t deserve it. Now she has blamed the women’s children for messing up her car doors and wants to go after the officer for it, feeling it’s his fault. She uses “scared” to describe the damage to her car, and asks me to call her when we discover who the officer is. I will inform some supervisors about it to have it investigated, but with the small amount of information given, tracking him down will not be easy.

Vehicle releases. A major aspect of my job. We have, at this point in time, over 15,000 stolen vehicle reports for my county per year. So we do up to a hundred release a day as we find the vehicles. However, as you access the impound system you have to make sure to read the entire impound information, which often states “Do not release” or “Hold”. These are vehicles involved in some type if investigation. There is also the “Asset Forfeiture” which tends to be for drugs, and of course, repos and general impoundments.

The gentleman I just dealt with, his vehicle was impounded by one of our special task force team members. I can go and ask that member if the vehicle can be released, but he is not here. So I informed the gentleman, and he told me that his lawyer told him the vehicle was to be released. I told him to have his lawyer contact the appropriate people and have the hold changed in the impound system, otherwise my hands where tied. I cannot believe what he says to me, no matter how much I’d wish to.

Another interesting thing comes with the leaving of messages. I was finished a conversation with a lady who has been leaving a message for someone. She wants to get a copy of a report directly from an officer instead of going through the records department as she has been told to do. So she is calling the officer daily, and basically harassing him. Now the thing about this is that he has communicated with her and she wishes to further the issue and is dissatisfied with her answer. So she asks me can I hand deliver a message?

Now perhaps I am a jerk, but the answer is no. For one, I cannot be assured that I will even see a said officer for weeks. So I will not take that type of responsibility. I will take a message and put it in an officer’s box. I have no problem with doing that and offer it to each person that wishes to speak to an officer, on duty or off. But it is not enough, and I will not promise to do things personally when I cannot be assured that I can even do the task.

So, someone calls that reported their vehicle stolen earlier in the day. The vehicle was recovered in another district. I thanked the person for being kind enough to inform us, and told him that the agency, which recovered his car, will remove it from the national database NCIC (National Crime Information Center). He then told me that he wanted a report because his vehicle had been damaged, and I told him he’d have to get the report from the agency that recovered his vehicle because it was outside of our jurisdiction. He started to get belligerent about wanting a report when someone in the background said “he gave you all the information when he called” and the man goes “oh” and hangs up. Nice.

Then someone wanders into the front and asks if I have change fro a dollar. Which I do not have. Remember, we are locate din a community, and as a public building we have a payphone out front, which people use all of the time. Well after I check and find that I don’t have change for a dollar he asks if I can spare fifty cents. I said no and apologized. Perhaps it is cold of me, but after a point, how much money do you give away? Yes it is only fifty cents, yet I’ve had many a day that I’ve needed change myself for things. I work for my money. I am even at work for my money on a Saturday morning. It means something to me, and considering that I have several people a day ask for change, I could easily burn through twenty dollars a week in people asking money for the phone. Often, if it is someone that is at the station because of a problem, I will let them use my cellular phone instead.

A gentleman just came up to the window for a report. Very friendly and cheerful. Someone tried to steal his car, but ran off when the alarm sounded and damaged it. However, he did not have the car with him, so I gave him his two options on how to address the situation. He could ether go home and call the counties non-emergency line to have someone come out, or he could bring the car back and I’d call someone in to make the report. But we’re going to have to see the vehicle to make the report.

He was a nice person. He offered to just come back and not take an officer off the street. I thanked him for his kindness but explained that I’d have to if he came back. We don’t have enough manpower to keep people in the station to take reports, even thou we get dozens a day.

A call for information. The problem with information is that until it is public domain it will not be shared. Friendship, sharing the parentage of a child, and being siblings and cousins do not necessarily mean you will be privy to information. This one was a sister of a woman who had reported child abuse the previous night. I sent her back to the detectives, but she will probably not gain the information that she seeks until she becomes part of the investigation.

And then another accident report picked up. Thankfully I had the report available. To many officers do not turn in their reports with enough speed, and the citizens call and call and call for them, and sadly, we at the front are the ones that bear the brunt of this. However I was able to hand her the report and information sheet without a problem. However she was unable to read or comprehend the report.

Accident reports are not complicated. You simply have to sit and read the entire thing. But many expect to instantly see the outcome they want on it, and turn to me and demand that I explain it to them. So I read the report, which said what happened and she goes “oh, okay”. Then she asks, “What is this?” and I said that his car was behind held by CID, as it states in the “Impounded at CID” section. She then points to the other half of the page, which is her cars information (she was the victim) and says “so it was left at the scene?” and didn’t realize that it was her own car, considering we had just discussed that the car had been removed by our CID. Okay, beyond that she assures herself of the insurance information and leaves.

It is almost noon so I’m eating lunch. I don’t get lunch breaks per say. I get to eat in-between things. So I just about start on my meal when she reappears and asks if the guy got a ticket. I tell her to check the report, if states if they are cited but driving, but she says that he was on drug and she wants to know. I told her to contact CID since they are handling the case.

Someone in to report stolen tags. I have to tell people to sit, I find, or they will stand at the window for long periods of time.

Pet Peeve #2
Not having the information needed to answer your question. It’s like not knowing your name and asking for a nametag.

Now, a call to see if a vehicle can be released. Her son was arrested over the weekend and the car is in both of their names. When I ask for the tag or VIN of the vehicle, she doesn’t have them. Now I have been put on hold as she looks for it. After several minutes she tells me she will call me back once she finds it.

Ahh, nice response time of less than ten minutes for the officer to get here for the report. Only problem is the guys tags where stolen in another jurisdiction. So we had to send him to that jurisdiction to make his report.

And the lady calls back. Sadly she cannot get the car. It is asset forfeiture and her son is still in jail. Chances are high its drug related.

Then a call for an officer. It just happened that the officer was standing in front of me, ready to take the report so I was able to get the information communicated and the gentleman is on his way up to meet said officer instead of hearing the entire story. Sometimes it’s interesting, but mostly of the time I have no need to hear the life story of the event, and I try to cut back when I can on hearing them.

Things do happen in the office. One of the detectives wandered up to figure out how to enlarge things on the copier. They like our copier better then theirs, so use it. We have petty good friendly relationships with lots of harassing. You don’t do well without gruff humor around here and a thick skin. Insults are friendly jokes, not something to run to the commander about. When someone is being nasty, it’s not laid back in the office harassing each other about making copies and giggling.

So a call about CDS (controlled dangerous substances). It seems that a lady’s neighbor is selling cocaine from her residence. The citizen is to scared to call, so told a friend that works for another police jurisdiction. They informed me, and I took down the information. Now, I get to send this info to another district, because it is outside of my own so I can’t give the info to my own people.

A call to speak with an officer who took the report. I informed the gentleman when the officer would be in, and he proceeds to tell me his story about having his home broken in. He was given a number to call, but no one has answered it, so he calls me back, even thou it is out of my hands. He feels that it is not right no one has helped him and he wants me to make a change. However, he needs to wait to be contacted by the people he was given the number to. He then says that he thinks he knows who is doing it and no one wishes to help him. So I tell him that if he thinks he knows who is doing this he needs to go to the commissioner and have a warrant taken out against the person if he can prove this information. He didn’t like that and felt that it was to in convent, but that is the procedure for this type of situation and always will be.

Pet Peeve #3 Asking for the date when it is on the document in front of you.
In between that I had a vehicle release to write up. Nothing major, and actually my first one written today. However, she asked me what the date is. The citizens have to sign the release in two locations and I sign it in one. One location that they sign in is directly above my signature, which also has the date. The date is also at the top of the page. Yet, daily, I am asked for almost every report what the day is instead of a second taken to scan the sheet and see if it is there after I just signed and dated it in front of them.

Then a call from someone delivering a package. He was on the other side of the building and quite irritated no one was at the front. I explained that he was over on the wrong side of the building, and he said that he had a package for a detective. I asked if the package stated where it needed to go and he snarled “No, but it has a number.” So I asked if he had called that number, since that part of the building is not related to mine and again I am told “No I called this one”, but I had that settled by another detective agency that could get him the information he needed.

Then a stolen tag report came in, so I asked her to have a seat while the officer finished up his previous report.

Now shock, surprise, and amazement. A vehicle release form is needed. But she did not have her vehicle information. When I told her that she could just go to the tow company and they would get it out for her, she was ecstatic and ran right off to the tow company. Normally people get mad that someone did not tell them to have it, or mad that they keep their title and registration in the car and feel it is unreasonable for us to want to see that as proof of ownership.

Then I released another car. Nice, easy simple, just writing the stuff down.

And the stolen tag report was taken by my officer. Once again, a nice fast response time and a happy citizen.

Then a gentleman called looking for an accident report. He’s been looking for it for weeks and hunting down the officers that took it. So it’s been an intricate game of phone tag and no one is getting anyone. He says records says they do not have it. Which, sadly, is often a lie. They just haven’t gotten around to logging it in yet. But I don’t have it in my drawer so it may be the truth.

And another call for someone that had a stolen vehicle. Only they wish to add the items that where in the car to the report, but they are now out of town. We don’t really have a telephone-reporting unit available, so it complicates things when people don’t make their report complete with the initial taking.

Then an interesting question. A gentleman was turned down for a job because the background check said he had a felony. I directed him tot eh state police to get copies of his background incase something is incorrectly logged on. If not, he can sue the place he applied to.

Call for an officer

Call for information about a hit and run. The woman said that she chased the other driver, but she was advised to stop. An officer met up with her and took the information, ran the tag and had the driver’s information handed to her. However, when she attempted to contact the drivers insurance company they gave her the run around and said that she needed to find out what city the address was located in, because it didn’t match their records. I told her the smart thing to do was to go through her own insurance company and not attempt to go through theirs and get the run around, but she didn’t agree. So I suggested she contact the city and ask what part the address was from, since we do not have that information.

Then the young lady returned who had to get her registration from her vehicle. Only when I ran the vehicle the VIN did not come back. And the case number she gave me did not come back. However, I did a general search on vehicles impounded with that cares make and year and found her vehicle. One number had been transposed, so that went smoothly once corrected.

Honesty can be hard to maintain. The easy out, a white lie, calls at every corner. A citizen calls and says that she called the nonemergency line to report her vehicle being broken into and it’s been over an hour and no response. I sent her back to dispatch so that they could give her an ETA but the problem is, it is not a priority. The vehicle has been vandalized, there are a limited number of officers since our recourses are half what they should be. It is going to be a wait, and everyone will tell that, but no one wants to hear it and I’m not supposed to tell people that due to man power we don’t have the staff to get to you immediately, and that it may be a few hours.

Next I had the please of explaining how vehicles are placed into a national database when they are reported stolen. Sadly, some people know all about it, having dealt with this several times throughout the years. This lady was very worried, and I told her to check with us twice a day to see if her vehicle had been recovered as well as try surrounding jurisdictions to help her expiate the process of getting her vehicle.

Now for an amusing side. One of the officers asked what I was doing with all of the typing. I told him that I was keeping track of my day so he asked me to include his request for a printout of his calls for the day. So this is his includement. Chuckle.

Before he came in, however, I had another officer give me the pool car keys to hand to the supervisor for the next shift. It is amazing the access to things that I have.

Now a couple has walked into the door, so I stand to go and help them. They say that a tow company that services their apartment complex is taking peoples cars that are legitimately parked. So I referenced them tot eh tow coordination unit that handles tow company claims, hopefully it will be resolved. Some tow companies, sadly, are shady.

Then a nice couple that needed to go to the tow company and get their proof of ownership out. They asked me to call the tow company to make sure they could, so I did so. The will probably be back shortly and can get their release.

Also, a guy called to get a copy of the hit and run report taken on his wife. He also said that there was an indentation of the tag left in his car, so I told them to have a continuation report made with the information in hopes that further investigation would find the person that hit her.

Ahh, the shift ends soon. I’ve transcribed my notes for the officers and put them in their boxes. My paperwork is sorted, logged, and in the mail for records and the next shift has started to trickle in. I think that I will do a bit of running around once I’m out of here since this is also the last day of my shift. I move on to midnights next Tuesday, and won’t be back in this part of town until then.

Or maybe not. I just found out the person that relives me injured themselves the previous night. So now I have to wait for them to find someone to relive me on the desk. So now I enter lineups and wait. And the officer who is in light duty, I have just been told, plans to be several hours late.

Well, the other clerk may or may not come in. Everyone is up in the air about it. I did get something of an amusing call. A lady asked if someone had been transferred to my district and I told her no officer by that name was here. Turns out, it is someone with a warrant that was in another county and mine was going to go and get them. Confusion can be amusing.

But I am sad, and tired. I’d like to go home now, and I have to wait until someone relives me. I can’t just get up and leave. That’s going AWOL even thou my shift is over. But she is here and I can go.